Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday encore ~ Fort Smooch

The hay stack on the back porch has provided Smooch with a welcome diversion this winter,

say nothing of a soft, warm spot to park her butt.

Her vantage point from high atop Fort Smooch 
affords a strategic advantage against invaders on all sides...

...including me. I've panicked a few times lately thinking she's disappeared from the back yard, 
only to find her sitting quietly atop the stack.

At the rate I've been feeding the herd, the stack will be gone in a few weeks
and I'll start pulling bales from the hay barn.

Smooch has asked me to leave what remains so she can hold down the fort.


  1. Ha! Cute! Once a year the parks service stacks straw bales in the desert for a family mud run and Blueberry loves climbing to the top to gain a better view of her surroundings.

  2. By all means, please leave a short stack for Smooch's benefit. She's worth it. In fact, I see a permanent installation in Smooth's future.

  3. smooch is liking the sunshine and hay

  4. She is happy as can be on her dwindling fort.

  5. Sure looks mild and lovely in contrast to your current weather! Bring on the sunny photos!

  6. Smooch likes her castle.