Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday encore ~ The daily coyotes

Maybe it's the time of year? Maybe it's the snow? I have no explanation for why 
all of these coyotes continue to show up every single morning. 
I took the pictures below through the windows Tuesday, around 8:15.

Look closely and you will see four out of the pack of nine.
They first appear at the far end of the corral and travel counterclockwise around the house.

Their behavior is so predictable that I know when to move from one window to another.

Lucy and the boys are still eating breakfast, and Smooch is in the back yard barking. 
Johnny and the chickens are in the barn.

I know nothing about coyote behavior to intelligently explain what these guys? gals? are doing.
My best guess is hunting for food.

The pack doesn't stay tightly together. They break off in smaller groups, 
which irritates me to no end because I can't get them all in one shot.

These two hang back to watch Smooch barking at them.

This one stands motionless under a juniper, where I know there are a boatload of rabbit holes.

His buddy comes along to wait with him. 
I hope the bunnies have telepathy and can hear me telling them to stay in their burrows.

Let me zoom out so you can get your bearings. 
The area in question is part of the tree cave outside my bedroom window.

Something frightened all the coyotes and they ran off.
Maybe one of the bunnies farted.

Whatever it was, they seemed to be in agreement that it was time to move on.

While all his buddies ran off, this one stayed back and howled, then howled some more.
I'm thinking he was inviting Smooch to join the pack.

It was at that point that I put the camera down, made Smooch come inside, and decided
she'd be staying in the house every morning henceforth until the pack moves on for good.


  1. Are they doing that this winter? Enough to make you edgy, but they sure are beautiful animals -- & look healthy too. Coyotes often look kind of mangey & stringy -- must be good eatin' in your neck of the woods. In Connecticut we used to hear them yip & howl all night. I loved it but definitely kept the dogs under wraps!

    1. I've seen a few pairs this week but not the big pack that hung around last year. When they're close to the house, I go outside shaking a tin can full of pennies, which makes them run right off. Perhaps they're finally getting the message.

  2. those look like a healthy size. You are probably part of their patrol looking for rabbits and/or hoping that they will catch your chickens or Johnny unaware.

  3. You are a very good momma to Smooch. Coyotes are fascinating and beautiful and I'm glad they don't hang at 7 MSN all the time.

  4. they are so beautiful, i love the howling one. but scary when thinking of your dog,cat, donkey and horses and chickens....

  5. These are very cool the howling ones. We have had many reports that they are now in our area as some small dogs and cats have disappeared.

  6. I really enjoyed this post, Carson. Beautiful pics of the wily tricksters. I laughed at your title, because every morning I first look at and then :)

  7. Maybe it is the barking of Smooch that made them leave...

  8. Beautiful pictures of the coyotes in the snow. We have coyotes around here... but they are usually very thin and mangy looking. They walk around the neighborhood at night and in the early morning looking for food. Our animal control try to catch them, but I'm not sure how successful they've been. They did catch a 32 lb bobcat not long ago.

  9. Wow, those photos are both stunning and terrifying.
    Glad to read that you brought Smooch inside.

  10. My sister's Aussie had a middle of the night conversation with a coyote. Sheila was in the house. Pretty sure she said "Move along. This is my pack.e". Spooky. Strangest sounds she ever made.

  11. First coyotes I've seen I could say even come close to being beautiful. Amazing they could be in such good shape being so many of them. Would make me want to gather all my critters close around me.

  12. Good call on bringing Smooch inside. We have pretty bold coyotes here. The trails I walk with Blueberry are known for coyotes that will try to lure off leash dogs from their owners. Cattle dog sized dogs. I keep Blueberry on a 20 foot training leash because when she sees them she always wants to run up to them. I have had a single coyote follow us a couple times. Could be it just smells the lamb treats I carry. They are beautiful, but I keep out of their way. And how dare they not cooperate so you can take a picture of them all together! ;)

  13. I have to chime in and agree they are beautiful--especially from a couple thousand miles away!

  14. Diane K. Eastern NC1/17/16, 4:27 AM

    Carson.... I know you are a huge animal lover... but I sure hope you have a gun close by just in case. I live on a farm and know they can be quite relentless when they know small animals and chickens are near. Please be prepared and careful.

  15. These are such great shots - ours come about only at night. We don't let our dachshund out in the yard's either with the Weimer or one of us...they are unpredictable, and skiddish all the same. Our chickens are hopefully locked in fairly tight. Your coyotes look healthy and well fed. Ours are scrawny and unkempt looking. Donkeys and llamas are supposed to keep them away if you have calves or lambs I YOU are definitely safe! I love listening to them on the night breeze, you can usually get a sense of how far away they are and what direction..and know when to maybe go back outside to make sure all is safe and sound.

  16. Mesmerizing as it was the first time.... Thanks for resharing

  17. I used to walk in the mornings next to the city-owned golf course. I spotted a coyote watching me, then two, and one time I looked up and saw 4 of them! Yikes! I put on my "I'm the alpha mare horse" attitude and they left me alone. HOWEVER, they have run up to people walking their small dogs in Palm Springs and scooped away the pets. And, one bit an older woman who was out working in her garden. Yes, please do have your gun handy. I would hate for you to have to be proactive, but you do have animals to protect. And, yes, a pack WILL lure a dog into the pack and tear it to bits. One of my co-workers had that happen to his own dog.

  18. Beautiful, I would love to get such photos of these wild canines. Coyotes here are far more elusive. It would be fascinating to know what routine this pack is up to.

  19. The photos are absolutely stunning Ms. Linda. As stated here by a couple of others, and as I'm sure you are aware, the coyotes will send out one from the pack to lure a dog to come and "play" with him/her. The entire pack will then attack the dog and the ending is gruesome. Please tell Smooch to stay safe!

  20. Just FYI - bunnies can't fart. (Or barf.) So you're not supposed to feed them gassy food like cabbage (or beans, I suppose). But mine do growl, so maybe that's what it was. Lovely photos, as always. And a big hug over Hank.