Monday, January 4, 2016

Lucy grows a few inches waiting for the snow to melt

Snow in these parts is usually fleeting. An overnight storm might leave a few inches,
but it melts by lunchtime, the ground dries out, and it's like it never happened.
Not so this time. The fallout from our day-after-Christmas blizzard remains
because temperatures have been stubbornly cold and the sun elusive.
El Niño has stolen my typical New Mexico winter, and I want it back.

The herd is getting all the hay they wish to eat, but it's no substitute for grazing.

Lucy has found a way to use the snow to her advantage.

Now she's tall enough to reach the chamisa over the fence.

Lucy: Am I in trouble?

Me: No, eat all you want. It's your reward for being such a clever donkey.

...a clever donkey who was not about to share her discovery.


  1. Aww, sweet Lucy... Such a smart girl. I don't know who has the sunshine cause it's not over here either. If I see it, I'll send it back

  2. Haha! What a cutie! Clever girl :)

  3. Hope the sun comes back to your ranch soon so everybody can go out and run around the pasture once again.

  4. She looks like she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

  5. I love Lucy! I know that's not very original, but it's true.

  6. So smart, and resourceful. If there is a tasty morsel to be found, Lucy is the one for the job. Love her.

  7. Good one Lucy! I was just looking at the high level air mass predictions for the next while ... And it looks like another shot of VERY VERY VERY cold arctic air will slip down to you again around the 11th or 12th. Brrr! We learn all kinds of rationalizing up here to say we 'enjoy' the winter... Like: doesn't the white snow look so pretty in pictures, or, the snow makes it seem lighter earlier and later in the day, or, look how tall I am on this snowbank! Lucy is becoming down right Canadian in her outlook!

  8. What a perfect comment you found for picture n°4, they match together and make me laugh. Lucy is delicate and shrewd!

  9. I think we have your winter up here in Manitoba and umm, I don't think I want to give it back just yet!