Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day 19

It's been 19 days since the post-Christmas blizzard. Under normal circumstances,
the snow would have been long gone, but below-normal temperatures are prolonging the meltdown.

 New snow boots! Much warmer and safer than 
the slick-bottomed western boots I'd been wearing.

They're very practical... 

...for my walks around the ranch.

 Not so much for kicking loose the frozen poop piles,
at which my pointy-toed boots excelled.

 Ten, Eleven and Twelve continue their occupation of their older sisters' coop.

For reasons known only to them, the equines drink all the water from the small pail
before moving on to the larger tub. The water is heated to the same temperature,
so the behavior makes no sense to me.

 Me: George, you're going to get your head stuck.

George: So maybe you should fill it up again, don't you think?


  1. I find that my crew likes a smaller bucket, too. One of my sheep actually did get her head stuck in it. Think: rodeo. She ripped the snap bolt apart as she wrenched it off the fence. Since then, she doesn't choose to go AS far down into the bucket...

  2. Maybe because they like the way the smaller bucket scratches their chin on the way in or out? Maybe because it's higher and they don't have to lower their heads as much? Maybe it makes a more interesting echo sound when they slurp up the water? You know there HAS to be a reason!

  3. I love your blog! Maybe the equines like drinking from the smaller bucket because it's higher? My old cat liked to drink and eat from water bowls on a stand.

    Carol from Scotland

  4. Seriously, lower the small bucket to the ground and see what happens. This is a highly scientific study!

    1. The bucket has been lowered. Stay tuned.

    2. Hahaha! The mystery may yet be solved. Can't wait to hear what the experiment reveals.

    3. An American in Tokyo1/14/16, 6:42 PM

      Oooo, I love experiments!

  5. love the boots and color of them, but not the poop kicking job.. maybe they dont want to bend down further, drinking the easy to reach first.

  6. Switch them ... big bucket on the left, small bucket on the right.
    Keep them guessing.
    Maybe they are following-the-leader? One of them picked the small bucket to drink from and the rest followed suite.

    Last year I replaced my old Columbia boots with some new Columbia boots. They are warm with good tread and should be waterproof at least around the footbed.

    Do you know what happened to package #4?
    I watched you going-to-fetch the mail video last night.
    What A Trip!
    How often do you normally go for mail during normal driving conditions?

    M in NC
    so glad the mailbox is right by the front door!

  7. So that's why my ex called cowboy boots "Shitkickers"! It was legit.

  8. We keep a small trenching shovel handy for knocking poop-sicles free. I've had my big toes broken too many times by my large equine friends' feet to do much kicking.

  9. Cool boots. Feels great to have the right stuff when you need it, doesn't it? (Except kicking loose frozen poop.) I don't care why George is drinking from the little bucket -- he's so darn cute doing it, I want to hug his fuzzy adorable face!

  10. Your new boots look toasty warm and I love the color.
    These cliffhangers are so suspenseful! Lol

  11. My cat will only drink water out of what a person would drink an "old fashion" drink in....a short, stubby glass that must be placed on the floor near a doorway (so I can kick it over onto my wood floors randomly). Will not drink out of anything else

  12. Did I see the Fujiyama in the background of 1st pix! I love love your pix with 4 feet, just like Chico and Hanna! i think that the small bucket is far more comfy: they dont have to lower their head and break their neck to reach water and I understand that, I would do the same (am 6feet2)

  13. An American in Tokyo1/14/16, 6:56 PM

    I love the color of your new boots! Purple is my favorite color!
    Maybe you need to put some steel toes in there to help you kick those poopies! ha ha!