Tuesday, December 15, 2015

At least the sun's out

It rained here all day on Saturday, then snowed all night. 
Then it was Sun-day. Good thing.

 The herd was pretty tired from standing in the barn during all that weather.

The wind left one almost-dry spot in the corral where naps could be taken.

 Lunch was served al fresco to give the stalls a chance to dry out.

This is Johnny's "my feet are wet and I don't like it one bit" face.

 Slabs of snow slid off the roof throughout the day.

 Smooch was fortunate to escape all the avalanches.

Prior to this winter, I've closed off the sunroom from November through February
because it's not heated. This year, I'm leaving it open and building bigger fires
in the woodstove. It's worth the extra wood and effort to be able to 
use my Smooch's favorite space year-round.

This is Johnny's "I hate you for not letting me in the house" face.


  1. Let Johnny in. I'm sure he would enjoy a good fire.

  2. Space heaters do pull a lot of electricity, perhaps you could use one sparingly. Another thought is an electric blanket on the day bed or a well insulated sleeping bag (I'm partial to my down comforters).

    We have some small fans(see link ... ours are Honeywell) that we sit on the floor to circulate air in the summer. I know that hot air rises and you have the vaulted ceilings that makes moving warm air around a challenge. You may have to experiment with non-passive ways to circulate the air.

    M in NC


  3. I love how wooly they look, especially noticeable on dear Hank.

  4. No snow up north as yet, balmy temps at 60F daily. Easy life so far no digging out.

  5. On the bright side.....no grazing muzzles or fly masks.

  6. Holy crap! That is a lot of snow!! Didn't realize places were getting slammed with that much snow! Glad you got some sun

  7. I think I just heard Johnny say, "I want to lie in front of that wood burning stove!"

  8. Northern AB gal12/15/15, 7:19 AM

    Yikes, you have more snow on the ground than we do in northern Alberta right now. Of course that could change any day, but right now I am so happy to be able to walk anywhere on our property without slogging through a couple of feet of snow. At least your snow will disappear rather quickly, we have to live with it for months! Time for you to put your feet up in front of the fire and continue crocheting :)

  9. Smooch is definitely happier than Johnny. We are having unseasonably warm weather in Kentucky. Some winds but no violent storms. Grateful for that. Opening up the sunroom is a good idea. Smooch approves. Should help delay cabin fever as well.

    Love the nap spot outside. They are just the sweetest herd there could be.

  10. The lunch photo, ha ha. It's still very pretty and muddy looking. Everyone looks happy and content...except Johnny.
    But as my mom would say..."you'll live" :-)

  11. Finally the western states are getting a well deserved winter after 300 years of drought! It seems like 300 years for us in California. Smooch needs her look out bed during all four seasons. That girl is always on high alert! She cracks me up.

  12. Please let Johnny in, the poor boy, its paws must be frozen. There is enough space in your house for both of them.

  13. Please let Johnny in too......he needs to be warm and loved on!!!!! marsha@tubbslanefarm.com

  14. The Johnny faces! He sure says a lot with a look. *grin*

  15. Eyes closed, lips all relaxed - Handsome Hank deep in sleep. So touching. (At least I think he really is asleep.)

  16. Boy, Johnny sure has a pouty face! Your place does look pretty with the snow...just stay warm!

  17. An American in Tokyo12/16/15, 5:06 PM

    JCC has some kind of heated bed in the feed room, right?