Wednesday, November 18, 2015

They grow up so fast

 The new girls are 14 weeks old and growing bigger and a little less fearful every day.

Lady Mary: They make too much noise.

Eleven has established herself as the troublemaker of the group.
Perhaps it's a middle-child thing.

 They spend much of their day watching the rest of the flock run free in the yard.

 Me: What do you think, Ten? Should I open the gate for a little while 
and see if you can all hold your own against the big girls?

She almost lost her head in excitement.

So I let them out. They didn't go far on their first adventure.
Ten and Twelve ran back to the poultry palace after a few minutes, 
while Eleven tried to squeeze through the fence into the corral. 
There will be no more adventures until they are bigger.


  1. They are so pretty... Always a rebel in the group!

  2. Aw! They are so little and cute yet, even if they are little knuckleheads. I can't wait to see them when they are all grown up and pretty.

  3. Chickens are the most fun. I guess you haven't decided on names....or are the numbers their names?

    1. The numbers have stuck and seem to suit them.

    2. Except that troublemaker Eleven already has an alias... (I'm proud of you, Knucklehead, and counting on you to supply blog fodder should there ever be a shortage.) Have mercy, Carson, my tummy muscles still ache from Monday!
      "Don't fall in!"... Lol - how *did* you know... :-D

  4. They are pretty skittery. But getting bigger. Soon they might be ready to join the big girls.

  5. Amazing -- they look all grown up already! They're SO PRETTY.

  6. LOL Looks like you are going to have to keep your eye on that one!

  7. My big laugh of the day! :)

  8. An American in Tokyo11/18/15, 5:10 PM

    "You knucklehead!" Hahahahahaha!

    Thank you for always giving me a good laugh or smile to start the day! =D

  9. laughing too! 2 minutes out and they are already creating trouble!

  10. Oh, that 11! She sure is a troublemaker (and a knucklehead!)