Monday, November 9, 2015

So much for the garden

Summer is over when I put away the grazing muzzles and fly masks. I think that was two weeks ago.
Winter starts when the first snow falls. That was Thursday. 
I think that means fall lasted 11 days. 

Just that quickly, the herd went from full-time grazing 
to willing me to come outside to feed them more hay.

And just when my flowers were starting to look pretty good, bam.

So garden chores have been replaced with wood-stove chores...

...and after-work parties in the pasture have given way to Netflix.

The bees have gone into hiding...

and the cat has relocated from his bench to the barn.


  1. Wow - I'm glad you brought home all that wood several weeks ago!

  2. Winter at your place. So far so good here in the north. It will come one day. I like Netflix too.

  3. Damn. I wasn't ready for that.

  4. They really are begging for hay. I can see it in their faces. Johnny will be back on that bench when the snow melts and the sun comes out. Pretty flower pictures too. Brrrr. Still hanging on to the last of the leaves here in central Kentucky.

  5. Tuck it in for winter!

  6. Lucy and Hank sending twin Vulcan mind-meld hay messages...

  7. So strange that you are having snow ... and we are having a late summer sneak through. Our LOW temperature a few days ago was the same as July's. Glad you got out to take pictures of your blooms. Pansies are pretty hardy. They can take a few snows and still continue. Glad everyone has a place to get warm at your place!

  8. Wow snow already! It has been raining in the middle of California. Two weekends of rain!!! It has been the best FALL ever. I better shut up before I jinx the entire state.

  9. Your snow topped flowers are nicer than ours..... but, we too have gone from +13C the other day to ......3 inches of fresh snow today.... after the 3 inches last Monday...that melted within a few days..... but, we are north of the 49th..... so ... this is more or less what we expect now for the foreseeable future ...right up to and including May......sigh..........better go buy a new shovel....wore one out last winter.......

  10. An American in Tokyo11/9/15, 6:52 PM

    THAT is a short autumn! ha ha!

    The flower photos sure are pretty! And I love your cat "drawing"! =D

    Keep warm!

  11. Wow, snow already! Isn't it funny how fall never lasts very long? Love your snow cat in the last photo!