Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sit, stay, come, cookie

 Smooch hasn't had a post to herself for awhile, so I took the camera on our Sunday walk.
It would be nice to take her portrait minus the leash, but if I walk her without it,
there would be no Smooch to photograph. Blame it on the rabbits.

 Smooch is afraid of her leash when I'm not holding the other end.

 and she hates it when it drags on the ground,
which works to my benefit.

Should she ever take off when I ask her to pose,
I know she won't get too far before she stops and has to examine what's following her.

 She usually comes when I ask her, even when it means tiptoeing through the tumbleweeds.

 Her recall skills are much sharper...

 when cookies are involved.


  1. Ahh Smooch. What a good girl she is. Ain't Jean sends a scratch behind the ears to her.

  2. Smooch, I understand......those silly wabbits are trespassing and you need to make sure they leave. Good girl.

  3. What a good girl.

  4. Sweet Smooch! What a nice idea to create a new Walking Smooch solo post. Love the "when cookies are involved" tongue action!
    (Also, thanks for the Ethelette #2 tweet.)

  5. Oh you made me grin, with Smooch tiptoeing through the tumbleweeds: remember Tiny Tim (who wasn't) strumming his ukekelele and singing "Tiptoe through the Tulips"?!! Oh, those crazy 80s, or was it the 70s?!!!

  6. I tend to be more responsive when cookies (homemade chocolate chip with nuts, please) are involved as well. Thanks for giving me a smile today.

  7. beautiful and well-behaved girl! good for you Smooch

  8. An American in Tokyo11/3/15, 5:05 PM

    Oh, cutie Smoochie!! Maybe she thinks her leash is a snake following her? ;)
    Please give her an extra cookie for me!