Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday encore ~ Johnny 1, Smooch 1

It was around 7:00 Tuesday evening. Smooch was outside and I was inside working on a blog post.
Smooch barked to come in, so of course I opened the door, 
completely forgetting that Johnny was inside. 
A whole lot of hissing ensued.

Smooch backed off immediately.

Johnny claimed a safe spot on the windowsill, where he could attack if necessary.

Unwilling to be looked down upon, Smooch claimed a safe spot on her rug just outside the office.

Me: No, Smooch, I'm not going to make the cat go outside.
You two have to learn to get along.

It's a good thing Smooch can't see around corners.

Johnny: I've got her bed and her favorite toy. Score a point for me.

Smooch eventually reclaimed her territory without incident; 
however, the tension in the office was not conducive to me finishing the blog post, 
so Johnny was sent outside, scoring a point for Smooch with the evening ending in a tie.


  1. Poor Smooch! Cats can be very mean.

    Thank you for the comments on my blog, by the way. You're very kind. :)

  2. A whole lot of hissing still happens here. Two cats raised together since kittens. Now 15 years old. Other times they cuddle up together. Smooch and Johnny are doing fine. Drives you nuts, but they are just playing their parts. Love the pics and Smooch gif.

  3. Now look, guys: Both of you are so cute and sweet. Neither of you has the insane makings of a terrorist. So. Peace, OK?!? I KNOW y'all can get along!! Think of your "hoomin" and be considerate, alright? No more tension in such a cozy and harmonious place--just think of the benefits, ha!

  4. I really enjoy your stories of life in the middle of nowhere!!! I have a tom cat that adopted me, looks similar to Johnny except much bigger and fluffier. He really enjoys taunting the dogs in the yard next door. Have a great day!

  5. what happens if you move around: like going to the kitchen to get something, then sitting in the sitting room and watching TV. I am sure if you dont pay attention to them and just keep on going, they will settle down. BUT NO, BIG NO, CAT ARE NOT MEAN, no way. they are good guardians too.

  6. Similar to how our two started: across the room from each other, with the cat hissing and spitting. Today the cat follows the dog around like an obsessed unrequited lover. These two just need more time together, possibly with lots of treats involved!