Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday encore ~ The cat, the rabbit and the chickens

Warning: The pictures below aren't overly gross, 
but if you have issues conceptually with a cat walking around with a rabbit in its mouth, 
you may want to just come back tomorrow. 
I've blurred the rabbit's face when necessary to de-cutify him. 

Our story begins one morning last week. I walked into the sunroom and noticed Johnny 
standing at the garden gate with something large in his mouth. He stood there for the longest time 
and so did I. It was apparent he wasn't going to move anytime soon, so I went to get the camera.
Most of the pictures you'll see here were taken through windows.

It was apparent that Johnny wanted to leave the garden, but he had several decisions to make first:
1) how to get through or over the gate with a sizeable rabbit in his mouth
2) how to prevent the chickens from stealing his rabbit once he got on the other side

While the chickens were putting their offensive line together, 
Johnny jumped over the gate and I missed the shot.

He walked along the front of the house, contemplating his next move.

Nowhere to go but up.

If a cat weighing 9.5 pounds carrying a rabbit weighing 2 pounds 
jumps over a railing that is 3 feet high, how fast was the train going?
I've never been very good at word problems.

Me: Thanks, John, I'm honored that you brought me your trophy, 
but there's no stinkin' way that you're bringing it in the house. Now scram!

He jumped back over the railing...

and told Minnie he wasn't planning to share.

Minnie: Tread lightly, Cat. There are five of us.

Me: I already told you, I've had breakfast.
Now take that thing off the porch! I don't want it!

Johnny: Ingrate...I've worked hard for this bunny.

Johnny: Must hide...must hide.

Peach: Where'd he go? He was here a minute ago.

Johnny evaded Peach's surveillance...

...and found a good hiding spot beside my office window.

His only concern now was Smooch.

He stared into the back yard until he was convinced that Smooch
was well contained on her side of the fence,

then he came back to enjoy his meal.
I didn't need to watch that and neither do you, so I put the camera down and went back to work.

The next time I looked out the window, the chickens were eating Johnny's leftovers.

And the next time I looked out the window, there were rabbit entrails on the front porch
and a flock of chickens trying to get to them.

Normally, the chickens aren't allowed on the front porch, but given the choice of cleaning up
chicken poop or cleaning up rabbit entrails, I opted for chicken poop and opened the gate.

Best. Meal. Ever. If you happen to be a chicken.

JCC: Please do not judge me. It's what cats do.


  1. I think I said it the last time this was posted, and I still wish this was playing in the background. I know you are good with photoshop, can you alter this so it says, "I work hard for the bunny"?
    And now it's once again an ear worm.

    1. I was expecting Donna Summer but not the waitress outfit! I'll be humming along right with you today.

  2. Such is the cycle of life.

  3. Doing what comes naturally. Nature red in tooth and claw. The light is still golden :)

  4. I feel sorry for the bunny... but it is nature's way... so I don't judge Johnny or the chickens. And I think it's great the way your camera can tell a story! Again, it's " one pic is worth..."

  5. This boy is a golden heart: he shares with everybody even the best parts- how lucky you are

  6. This reminds me of the time I was driving my friend's 8 year old daughter in my car. I slowed as a squirrel darted out in front of us. Just then, an owl swooped down, caught the squirrel and proceeded to rip it apart. Imagining how I would have felt as an 8 year old witnessing this, I worried what to say to the little girl. No problem. She loudly blurted out "Food chain!!!" and reached to high five me.

  7. My cat found a squirrel nest. Two baby squirrels then the mama. She told me the same thing: "It's what I do."

  8. I don't recall the original installment ... so thanks for the Saturday Encore.
    Curious why Johnny chose to brave the chickens with his catch-of-the-day.
    I would have thought he would take it to the barn since the herd would be in the back-40.

    M in NC

    1. Because in fact Johnny wanted to give it to Linda as a honour gift but she did not allow him to come inside the house

  9. I wish I had a cat like Johnny here. We have tame big white rabbits roaming our neighborhood and eating every ones flowers and digging big holes in our yards. I see the cats in our yard playing with the rabbits. They chase each other and have a great time. They eat, sleep and make baby rabbits. There are no loose dogs so nothing bothers them. Send me Johnny.

  10. Not graphic but poor little bunny but as Johnny says that's what country cats do