Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday encore ~ And the award for best costume goes to...

There was a Halloween party at the 7MSN on Saturday. And, yes, costumes were involved. 

Here comes the gang that couldn't walk straight, also known as the Bandana-ditos.

Me: Wynonna, tell the folks at home what you're supposed to be.
Wynonna: "Pretty In Pink." It's more of a concept than a costume.
Me: Whatever you say, darlin'.

Alan: Looks like more guests are arriving.

George: Smells like Bernard, Ellsworth and Patrick! Whoo-hoo! Par-tee!

Justina and Don had to catch their herd and put their costumes on
before they went feral on the front 40.

Patrick: Thank you for inviting me, Aunt Linda. 
I've never been to a Halloween party before.

Ellsworth: Let's get this costume-parade-crap over with. I've got territory to explore.

Lucy: I don't think those boys stand a chance. Clearly, my costume is the best.

Lucy: Am I not the fiercest tiger you've ever seen?

Alan: I've always wanted to be a dog for a day. 
You know, just to see how the other half lives.

Hank: I get to be the brontosaurus because I'm big and imposing.

Me: George, turn around and show the folks at home how cute you look.
George: I can't. This is too embarrassing.

George: I can't believe she crowned me Pig for a Day.

Lucy had some anxious moments as the panel of judges conferred.

Justina wanted to take one last look at the Pig and the Dog before making her decision.

Hank and Lucy tried to influence the voting.

Hank kissed up to the remaining judge,

even allowing him to be a brontosaurus for awhile.

In the end, the judges agreed that George's Pig for a Day costume was the winner.

Me: The party's over, Wynonna. Let's get you out of your costume.
Wynonna: Did I win?
Me: You were all winners for being such good sports. 


  1. i agree they are all winners and i am a winner because i just laughed all the way through this party

  2. They're such good sports.

  3. That's the way to start Halloween morning! TREAT OR TREAT EVERYBODY!

  4. I didn't remember this post. Such fun. Thanks.

  5. I wanna grab their big heads & give them a big kiss right between their sweet gentle eyes! Happy Halloweeeeen, all!

  6. They all look great... What a fun post!...loved :-)

  7. An American in Tokyo11/1/15, 5:05 PM

    Omigosh!! Too cute!! And I don't remember this post either.
    Happy Halloween!!