Thursday, October 22, 2015

Put a burro on it

The morning's storms and ominous clouds gave way to a sparkling New Mexico sunset,

which was pretty enough by itself, but you know me...

A landscape isn't complete without an animal.
Have you seen that sketch from Portlandia about putting a bird on it?
Same idea here, but I put a burro on it.

See? This would be so much funnier with a burro in place of the bird. 


  1. Ha ha ha. Aunt Jean. On a completely unrelated note, do you binge watch TV over the winter months? I may be the last person to have discovered this oldish BBC series, The IT Crowd. If I'm next to last and you haven't seen it, seasons 2-4 are laugh out loud. PS back on point, great skies!

    1. I'm currently binging Dr. Who. Will check out The IT Crowd.

  2. Now that you have lots of birds, you could birds on everything too. Take a cue, inviting them into the house might just wind up a disaster.

  3. Burros better than birds!

  4. A burro would just back up to all the people for a bum scratch. All that mayhem could have been avoided. Only a few road apples...

  5. Wow, just wow on today's and yesterday's shots!

  6. Always better with a burro on it - always.

  7. An American in Tokyo10/25/15, 8:20 PM

    Beautiful, beautiful!

    And you crack me up again! You need to paste a burro into that video on top of the bird! ha ha!