Thursday, October 8, 2015

Looking for the herd at the crack of dawn

The sun and I seem to be sleeping a little later these days. 

 Me: Good morning, George.
George: You're being followed.

 My escort, the feral beast. His reluctance to venture into the pasture
gives way to his desire to accompany me, particularly when a meal is imminent.

 Me: Good morning, Lucy.
Lucy: *nom nom nom nom nom*

 Me: Johnny, you shouldn't be out this far.
JCC: Don't I know it.

 Me: Good morning, Hank. You're looking exceptionally handsome in the morning light.

 JCC: Seriously...we need to go back before something catches me
and your blog readers chastise you for not letting me be a house cat.

 Me: Come on, guys. Scaredy Cat wants to go home.

 JCC: They're not listening to you.
Me: And you're not listening to me. What's your point?

JCC: I'll meet you back at the barn.


  1. Something about mornings ... Lovely photos there. And look at Johnny's face - so alert.

  2. Johnny's getting braver. The coyotes woke me up this morning. Have yours been back since the warning shots?

  3. I can feel & smell the morning air in your wonderful pictures. And I'm mighty glad JCC is such a smart boy.

  4. Hank caught that light just right for you :) Beautiful shot. JCC almost camouflaged in the early light. But then I guess other critters would be too. He was brave to follow. Lucy, George, and Alan just roll with it all.

  5. Love the first photo! Everyone looks content and happy.
    I sleep in later, too...maybe it's the cooler weather.

  6. Wow... what a wonderful way to start your day!

  7. Precious Brave JCC. how sweet to follow you, meal or not. the herd looks great and so peaceful in this morning light.

  8. Love the thoroughly rutted path!

  9. An American in Tokyo10/8/15, 6:04 PM

    I would love to take a morning walk with you to find everyone! Next video, please!
    Too bad we can't smell and feel the air...I'm sure I would love it! =)