Thursday, October 15, 2015

A seasonal limerick

 Their interest in me is puzzling.

There's no longer a need for un-muzzling.

 What could they be seeking?


 Did they hear my knees creaking?

Nope. They're donkeys. They just want some nuzzling.


  1. Like big, dusty dogs. Their intelligence is proven by their knowledge of who scratches best!

  2. Like my dog when I go outside for 2 seconds and he thinks I've been away for a year.

  3. Love the haziness, the sun going down and those sweet kids wanting their butts and ears scratched!

  4. My favorite limerick of all time! Especially in combination with these incredibly, stunningly beautiful pictures! The light, the grasses, a bit of dust kicked up by little donkey/burro hooves - awesome. P.S. Very happy for all parties concerned that you've reached the end of muzzling season. Yay, celebrate! :-)

  5. Northern AB gal10/15/15, 8:39 PM

    Love, love, love these pics! and the limerick is pretty good as well :)

  6. Nice! I agree, I love the haziness. Simple yet wonderful post!

  7. An American in Tokyo10/19/15, 5:56 PM

    Aww, too cute! Please give them all hugs for me!