Friday, September 4, 2015

Wild and woolly

Smooch sounded her five-alarm snake bark yesterday afternoon. 
The object of her concern was just outside the back door.

I thanked her for bringing it to my attention, then explained that
all things that slither are not necessarily snakes.

This guy was the epitome of woolly. 
I wanted to ask him his thoughts on El Niño, but he was in a big hurry.

Smooch: You need to get the snake pole. He looks dangerous.

Me: For now, let's just watch where he goes.

He headed straight for the cow skull.
Perhaps this means the winter weather will be deadly.
I'm going to choose to think he was simply looking for a place to hide from Smooch.



  1. What a great watchdog.

  2. Your post is too funny. The look on Smooch's face --- priceless!

  3. I sure hope it doesn't mean deadly...or even bad. A nice mild winter would be nice.

  4. Very clear pictures. So clear in fact that training him I saw....caterpillar poop? Aunt Jean

  5. Sorry, not a wooly bear. Woollies are black on each end with orange middles.

  6. Oh, noooo....I hope not! Smooch is such the guard dog( ranch security) everyone loves that skull!

  7. An American in Tokyo9/6/15, 7:15 PM

    Good job, Smoochie-poo! =)

  8. "You never know Mom it may be the attack of the caterpillars" I mean you never know. ;o)