Thursday, September 17, 2015

The garden in fall

I call it my garden, but don't confuse it with an area where bountiful vegetables
and/or fragrant flowers are intentionally grown.
My garden is simply an area that is off limits to all the animals except the cat...

where wildflowers grow...

...and interesting bugs show up to be photographed.

The one intentional plant thriving in my garden is this silver lace vine.

It attracts butterflies and bees, mostly bees.
This pretty butterfly – an Adelpha eulalia /Arizona Sister, I think –
probably would have hung around longer...

but, like me, was afraid of getting stung.

The vine blooms all summer long and grows at a phenomenal rate.
I pruned it back so far in the spring that I thought I might have killed it.

No such luck. Now it's trying to strangle me and any visitors
who dare to walk through the gate.


  1. Decorative wreaths? Crowns? The pruning doesn't diminish the big roots it has grown. Plants like that take your pruning as a dare. I had a lemon tree like that.

  2. The vine is very pretty even if it is a bully. Do you still have the Russian sage? Those pics were beautiful.

    1. The Russian sage is still growing but it's not nearly as pretty this year ... damned grasshoppers.

    2. It will probably be extremely beautiful next year. Unless the grasshoppers come back.

  3. Such beautiful pictures from a gorgeous country. Thanks for sharing.


  4. That silver lace vine would look killer in wedding flowers!

  5. Love your fall garden. Shows the love yu give it.

  6. Love the sunshine and bright light out there!

  7. That second pic, of the bugs, is amazing! Love the lighting showing off their hairs! Jean B

  8. Such pretty photos! I love butterflies. Happy Thursday.

  9. Fantastic shot of the "interesting bugs"! Also, I could use a threatening vine like yours on my garden gate; I like its "ambivalence" between welcoming and strangling...
    I don't use Twitter, so I always check your tweets here. Couldn't watch the debate, but made sure today that I would understand your references (incl. about JB, lol!)..., so, thanks for the education!

  10. It's such a pretty and calm garden with great views of the

  11. An American in Tokyo9/18/15, 1:37 AM

    Purty!! I love your garden!!