Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More good times with Fred and Ethel

Before we begin with today's post, an update to yesterday's –
Commenter Calm, Forward, Straight discovered that those mysterious circles 
are reduction spheres, which "...are formed when organic material in the center (or nucleus) 
'reduces' the reds and browns and leaches out white," according to this blogger
who learned about and photographed them on a tour of the Sevilleta Wildlife Refuge, 
which is in my extended front yard. Go figure! 
So maybe the organic material that caused the reduction was bird poop?

Anyway, on to today's post...

While Fred was fixing the wiring in the horse trailer, Ethel was helping me in the kitchen.
Yes, that's a lot of green beans, but we were having a neighbor over for dinner.
The arrows are pointing to the most significant parts of this photograph,
Trader Joe's Inside-Out Carrot Cake Cookies and Key Lime Tea Cookies,
further evidence that there is a god and he invents cookie recipes for Trader Joe.

This is the neighbor who came to dinner, dispensing hugs and getting very dirty.
She didn't seem to mind, though Lucy sure did. Lucy doesn't like sloppy seconds.

Here is Ethel, obliging George with a butt scratch. 
Lucy didn't appreciate that either.

Here is Fred, brushing the dust from George's eyes.

George was most appreciative.

Each night during their visit, Fred and Ethel would walk with me into the pasture
to remove masks and muzzles.

What's not to love about friends who love my animals as much as I do?

It should come as no surprise that all the animals love them back.

Hank: Do you think she'd mind if I ate those flowers?


  1. One can feel the love in all of these images. So happy you have such amazing friends, and so happy that your babies are enjoying the extra scritches and hugs. Thanks for sharing your together time with Fred and Ethel.

  2. Donkeys aren't polite are they?

  3. Isn't the internet the most amazing thing invented ...EVER! Put a photo out there and say "What do you suppose this is?" and there's an answer in no time. I put a photo of one of the prettiest trees I've ever seen (out in Lajitas, TX) and asked if anyone knew it's name and BINGO....it's a Retama. I've nicknamed my laptop Ouija. Love seeing the herd getting big hugs. Hope Smooch and JCC got in on the action too.

  4. very interesting about those circles.. i would very much like to hug all your critters and scratch butts that want it.

  5. So jealous when Hank loved on Ethel. Also, is your beautiful sunset partly due to the fires out west? Here in Colorado were getting unusual red skies due to the fires from Washington. I know you've shown lots of beautiful skies, but could be?

    1. The smoke haze here is certainly contributing to the sunset glow – it was so thick yesterday, all the mountains were hidden.

  6. When my husband asked me recently how long I planned on having my animals (sheep and goats), I answered him, "As long as I can. They bring so much joy." I love sharing their unique characteristics with the people I care about.

  7. Ok. I don't know how to say this without sounding stalkerish but.......when I saw Fred's picture on FB, I thought he looked familiar, so I clicked on his name and found out he's from Lorain. I grew up in Avon but worked many years in Lorain. Now my husband walks in and sees Ethel's picture and says " I know her". He grew up in Brook Park but managed a restaurant in Old Brooklyn. I'm not sure if we really have met them. But they sure look familiar to us. Sorry Fred for being a stalker.

    1. The world is a very small place, made tiny by the internet. I wouldn't be surprised at all if you've crossed paths with Fred and Ethel.

  8. Happy herd, more humans to love on them! Fly masks and muzzles come off even faster! Thank you for sharing with us.

  9. An American in Tokyo8/25/15, 5:52 PM

    I never heard of those cookies!! I'll have to check at my local Trader Joe's next time I'm in the States!! They sound so yummy!!

    Aww, I love all your animals! Even though I've never met them. Their love comes through in all your photos! =)

  10. The picture of George giving Fred a smooch is so precious and heartwarming. The world needs more moments like these. Thanks for sharing and it looks like you are having a much deserved fantastic time with your friends! Enjoy!