Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yuccatime in New Mexico

Every June, it's the same thing. All yuccas, all the time. 
I can't turn around without bumping into a blooming yucca, 
and I can't not take pictures of them,
so herewith is the annual blooming yucca post.

Though this one is in the middle of the pasture, the flowers have survived the hungry herd,
probably because it has grown up next to an extra-nasty cholla and nobody can get near it.

We all remember how much the hungry herd loves yucca blossoms.
Hi, Lyle. Miss you. 

Lordy, he was a character, and handsome, too.
Where was I?

Blooming yuccas with morning rainbow...
I could probably make a Rainbow Bridge analogy but let's not go there.

Yucca bud after a morning shower...

Yucca blossom opening its eyes after a morning shower...

Ladybug on yucca...
Oh, look...and a pair of ladybugs upside down.
Ladybugs in love love yucca.

So do barn swallows.

I'm sure he'll be back same time, same yucca, same post next year.


  1. if i had access to all that yucca i would snap myself silly... it is beautiful and did not know they are edible.. love the yuck yuck yuck lady bugs

  2. Aahhh, Yacca. It's a fun word to say. My Mom has them in here garden too. Great pic of Lyle. Looks like he may have been picking his teeth. Num Num

  3. Do they have a fragrance? So pretty...

    1. I wasn't sure, so I just went outside and stuck my nose in one – not even a hint of a scent. They must be very sweet, though, because there were ants and bugs all over the blossoms.

  4. Beautiful! We don't have many yucca around here but the saguaro are blooming.
    Lyle was a looker!

  5. Love all the different types of flowers that you have. Just yesterday, I came across the photos of Emmylou and the ones right after Lyle was born. Both of them were such a beautiful color.
    What a coincidence :-)

  6. They are very tasty, to.

  7. I love the yuccas! Way more beautiful than the ones in these parts.

  8. Beautiful, and so nice to see a pic of Lyle too.

  9. An American in Tokyo6/17/15, 6:06 PM

    How pretty!!
    It makes me wonder if they would taste good to humans...

    1. Apparently, yes! Here's a page with some links to recipes:

    2. In Costa Rica they are considered a delicasy and are sold all along the road sides before Santa Semana (or known here as Easter week). It is traditionally cooked with eggs and served with corn chips. Here is a similar recipe:

    3. An American in Tokyo6/18/15, 5:57 PM

      Wow, you guys are awesome! Too bad, we probably don't have yucca flowers over here or I could try out the recipes! =)