Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday encore ~ If I were in the first grade, I'd be taking this to show and tell

But since I'm not, I will make you look at it instead.

Behold the dead lizard. When I found him belly up and tailless in the corral, 
I assumed Johnny ate the best part and left him for dead.

Upon closer examination, I discovered that this lizard had an out-of-body experience,
for not only was his tail gone, all his innards were as well. Either he evaporated from the inside out 
or he shed his skin completely, right down to his cute little toes. I'm sure Google would explain it for me, 
but it's more fun not knowing.

 Lucy thought it was pretty funny that I would: a) pick up a lizard and b) take pictures of it,

 but she was just as curious as I when it came right down to it.

 Don't look now, Alan, but you have a reptile in your mane.

 Maybe we'll start a new game, sort of like Flat Stanley.

We could call him Hollow Larry.


  1. ha ha ha. Hollow Larry. that could really catch on.

  2. What ever became of Hollow Larry?

  3. Like the Gnome that traveled the world and sent back postcards.

  4. hollow Larry, funny and that picture of Lucy smiling is so funny too

  5. i am wondering if Aliens came and sucked out the guts... never seen anything like it.

  6. Yes, summer is here and if you have a cat,the backyard is full of lots of tailless, headless and innardsless lizards. I had no idea one could have so much fun with these things.

  7. Lucy is very patient with you and your Hollow Larry.

  8. Ha ha ha Hollow Larry! You made me laugh! Again!

  9. Hollow Harry? Bwahahaha. You never really know though, it might just catch on...

  10. An American in Tokyo6/14/15, 5:58 PM

    It's great that you can entertain yourself (and us!) with nature!
    I've never seen a lizard skin so intact. Very educational! =)
    Maybe you could pull it with a string and see if JCC plays with it like a cat toy? ha ha

  11. Maybe Johnny Cat would play with him/it? Or, the girls?

  12. Hollow Larry. LOL
    That weird the insides were gone like that.