Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday encore ~ Edith's great escape

Our story begins early Sunday morning. I had just let Smooch outside and 
was looking out the window at the barn, taking attendance while brushing my teeth. 

"Shhttt," I said, through a mouthful of toothpaste.

Edith had flown the coop and was running amok with the equines.
I dropped my toothbrush and headed outside to rescue her.
The camera was right by the door and jumped into my hand.
I will spare you the stickfigure drawing – you'll just have to imagine the pictures below
being taken by a bed-headed, bleary-eyed lunatic wearing nothing but 
a t-shirt, underwear and flip-flops. I'll apologize now if you can't unsee that.

Edith and Lady Mary were running back and forth along the fence on opposite sides.
Alan was shielding his eyes. I hope he isn't scarred for life.

Edith stared at her destination; Lucy stared at me.

Poor Edith couldn't figure out how to get out of the corral.

Me: Fyy, Eth, fyy!

She couldn't understand me through the mouthful of toothpaste, and why I didn't just spit it out, Lord only knows.
It seemed so unladylike ... said the half-naked picture-taking lunatic herding a chicken.

Lucy, George and Alan conferred and decided it was more fun to watch the drama unfold
than to do harm to Edith.

George and Lucy laughed watched while Edith tried to squeeze through the fence.
Why she didn't fly back over the way she came remains a mystery. She had lost her head at this point.

She ran southward through the corral and I followed along, 
trying to turn her back before she reached the road.

She finally made a u turn behind the barn, and I was able to herd her through a stall and back to her yard.

Edith: Would you please go put some clothes on now?


  1. ROFL... next time use a selfie stick so we can SEE the bed headed half naked photographer...

  2. LOL ... what a fun way to start a Saturday morning ... reading about herding poor Edith back to her yard. You live out in the middle of damned nowhere ... you could have been out there doing all this buck nekkid and who would have seen you or known the difference? Poor Edith ... can you actually call it "herding" when it is only ONE chicken? Thank you, Linda ... now it's time to go watch Pioneer Woman cooking up grub!

    Hugs from CO -- Marcia

  3. Ha ha...I remember this one! It's better the second time around.

  4. Fyy, Eth, fyy - really? That is a lot to ask to understand, of a panicked chicken to boot. Just quickly write it out for Edith next time and let her reflect on it.

  5. There is always that scene in the country.... You know, the one where you don't have a gun. :-}

  6. LMAO!! This is hysterical. I really enjoy your blog. It just makes my day!

  7. Wow; you really know how to live life on the edge. Most of us just have a cup of tea to start the day...

  8. Off topic, re. your re-tweet of Ann Marie Lipinski's cartoon: *Very cool*!

  9. One of mine was out the other day. Shes an Orange Hyline with the fancy name of Madame Blavatsky. Fromm day one she's been very brave and tame, so when I went out, she'd already had her fun and came straight up to me to be put away. My dogs looked at her with horror, but she merely glanced at them as she marched up to me and demanded to be led to the pen with a handful of sunflower seeds for her reward. She is so tame, the dogs don't seem to think she can be chased. I hope she doesn't extend this to when I'm not home. Don't think they would be so restrained then! I should really get my two Labs used to free range chooks, but we used to have very bird-driven GWPs and it was a no go then, so these two were raised with fences between them and chickens and now it seems hard to go back to the old days. Not that I mind having chook-poo clear doorways and chook-free vegie gardens!

  10. Ps your undressed outing reminds me of the time my horse got out and trotted down the road in the wee hours and I had to go and get her and ride her home, dressed only in the t-shirt i slept in. I had hair in places that i can't mention in polite company!