Thursday, June 11, 2015

An early morning prowl in the pasture

This is JohnnyCashCat early yesterday morning. 
He's looking a bit pissed off because I had locked him in the feed room overnight. 

Now that the weather is warm, JCC doesn't spend much time in the feed room,
and the mice in there are becoming a problem. 
Witness the nest they built inside my sharps container.
I hope they all poked themselves.

Anyway, JCC accompanied me into the pasture in search of the herd.

He typically doesn't venture far from the house and barn, but he will if I'm around.

JCC: Mom, I thought we had a deal. I kill the mice and you protect me from evil George.

Me: But you're not holding up your end of the bargain.

George directed the feral beast back to the barn and he complied...

though not altogether willingly.


  1. At least the beautiful boy is not the same color as the grass. We would all suffer the "Where's Waldo Effect".

  2. Your top photo is really a classic. Steeley eyed, fluffed up tail. I wondered what it was all about until I read your description.

  3. Maybe you should get a feral cat. lol

  4. He will mouse when he wants to mouse. Proper cat as my cousin in law would say.

  5. please, don't give Johnny bad habits. I will be the first one to cry if anything unwanted happens to him. I dont think that having a few mice is bad for the environment. and he is a good hunter and he does not look fat and lazy.

  6. An American in Tokyo6/11/15, 5:58 PM

    Maybe you should lock the Girls in the feed room to get rid of the mice! ha ha!

  7. My two feral kittens are still around! The male got out while I was cleaning their cage, but he is halfway friendly and will wait for his next meal at the side door. The little female is terrified of people, but she will come around to eat meals with her sibling. She won't allow me near her, however. They both sleep all day out back, under our Chinaberry tree! :-)

  8. Have I told you lately that I love JohnnyCashCat?