Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ranchsitter report #1

As Ethelette and I jetted off Tuesday morning to our respective destinations, 
Ethel was left to hold down the ranch.

The weight of this whopper egg should help her.

Every time I checked my email yesterday, there was another update on the egg.
The first subject line was "Big Egg."

Once Ethel realized the true enormity of the situation, the next email was titled "Holy Shit Egg."
She reports that it weighed in at 4 ounces, but she did not provide documentary evidence,
her first ranchsitter-as-blogger fail. I will not hold it against her.

She had to deal with a thunderstorm yesterday, and I am awaiting this morning's update 
from the rain gauge. I hope she and the ranch have not washed away. 
Ethel, if you're reading this, please get your butt out of bed and report in.


  1. ETHEL!!!!! I hope she didn't hurt herself carrying that egg.

  2. Neat way to blog. Those eggs are difficult to comprehend. Poor hen.

  3. Ha haha! how nice to read you and have a good laugh! thank you Linda (and Ethel)

  4. Ethel, I trust your skills at taking care of things at 7MSN, after all look at all the "projects" you have helped LC with all these years. You're a star. And Ms. LC, give your Mom the best from the Cuckoos at the Casa. Hope you have a super visit. Oma Linda

  5. Ethel had her butt up at 530 am NM time, cause she knew they were waiting patiently for her in the barn...(probably all nite cause of the rain)

  6. Wow that is a big egg. Hope the hen is ok :)

  7. No wonder chickens shriek when they lay an egg.

  8. She ate the dinosaur egg for breakfast and now she's digesting. It may take till afternoon.

  9. An American in Tokyo5/13/15, 5:50 PM

    Wow, I guess some hen must have had a big dinner the night before?!
    Enjoy your giant omelette, Ethel!! ;)

  10. Good luck on holding down the fort Ethel, I am sure you are more than suited for the job!!!! Wow thats like a mutant egg!!

  11. Very often newbies are overwhelmed by BFE (Big Freakin' Egg) Syndrome. They pick up the extra big, extra heavy egg and are unable to focus on daily tasks. Sometimes, they are compelled to try to watch it happen to make sure it is not a hoax. The digital scale for measuring BFE output needs to be someplace obvious. Have you ever thought of blowing out your BFEs? Then you can assemble an entire box of BFEs to scare people.

  12. Ouchies! My cloaca hurts just thinking about laying that egg! :)