Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday encore ~ Because you asked...about Smooch

I brought Smooch home from the St. Francis Animal Sanctuary in January 2006, when she was four months old. 
One of my yellow labs had just died, and I wanted a puppy to keep me and my other elderly lab company. 
Both labs had a long history of health problems, so I didn't want another pure bred 
who might be predisposed to particular health issues – I was in search of a mutt. 

I saw her advertised on Petfinder as a "chihuahua mix." Her shelter name was Grace. When I went to the sanctuary 
to meet her, she didn't look anything like a chihuahua to me, but what did I know? I took her for a little walk, 
she seemed like she would be a good match, and that was that. I brought her home. 
"Grace" did not suit her one stinkin' bit, so without a name to call her, I would make a little smooching sound 
to get her attention. And that's the name that stuck ... Smooch.

The picture above is the only one I have from her early days. Her ears were floppy and she was a little smaller 
than she is now, but otherwise she hasn't changed much at all physically. She was quite mischievous as a youngster 
and quickly learned she could open every door in the house by jumping up and pushing down on the handles. 
A bunch of friends came with their horses to stay one weekend and I'll never forget 
coming home with them from a ride to find my dirty laundry scattered all over the front yard. 
That's when I learned Smooch knew how to open doors.

Anyway, she settled into her role as ranch security early on and does a mighty fine job. 
I can't begin to tell you how safe I feel living here, knowing she'll tell me 
whenever something's going on that I need to know about. 

I had her DNA tested and learned she is 25% Chinese Shar-Pei, 25% Australian Cattle Dog (red heeler), 
and 50% unknown origin. In other words, she is a mutt. 

Laura S. asked what kind of food I feed Smooch. She gets one cup of Pedigree dry food twice a day,
plus the remains of every container of yogurt I eat, an occasional Alpo Snap... whatever she digs up, which is usually nothing, but my oh my does she enjoy trying.


  1. i love this story, and have two mutts now and had 2 others in the past 30 years, i rescued my first mutt when i was 8 and have loved many since then. thanks for the story and smooches to Smooch

  2. Smooch does have awesome alert skills....of course those you encourage. But what about her excavation skills....have you ever tried to discourage those?
    Lisa G in TN

  3. Thanks for the background. Chihuahua mix? Makes you wonder.

  4. She is perfectly wonderful! I think I will always miss that Lab thing, the big head against my leg, the almost constant desire to please, but making a home for a mutt (or two) beats paying for a pedigree and makes the world a much better place!

  5. I love your Smooch! She is a sweetie!

  6. A rescue mutt is a great dog! They appreciate what they have!

  7. Chihuahua! Yeah right! Love everything about her. <3 Especially her name :)

  8. Mutts are the best---at least for me. Smooch is one of the very best dogs I have ever met. She just goes with the flow and that has to be one of her best traits.

  9. Such a clever pup and wonderful grown Smooch.

  10. Those genetic tests are something aren't they... I wouldn't have ever guessed Shar-Pei, though I do see the Heeler.

  11. She is the best watch dog, great at giving kisses and cuddler!

  12. I just adore Smooch! I saw her "twin" once while driving up in Pinyon Flats! I think I told you...I did a double take! Wow!
    I also give my black lab, Ripley, yogurt, although SHE prefers going through our trash! There's a reason she is called Ripley! Yup...after the heroine of the Alien movies! She isn't afraid of anything and she rips up EVERYTHING! But, I dearly love her! Let's see...she is now 8 years old, will be 9 in September.

  13. An American in Tokyo4/13/15, 6:23 PM

    Oh my favorite, Smoochie-poo! Please give her a big hug from me! =)