Thursday, April 23, 2015

At least it's not cholla

 This is a picture of a burro up to no good.

 He, of course, disagrees with me and sees no harm in de-barking the branches of this juniper tree.

 Neither does George...

 ...nor Lucy.

 There are so many trees around here that I'm not concerned
if any of them are harmed from de-barkation.

 It's the principle of the thing. I suppose I should stop whining 
and be thankful that they're not chomping cholla.

This is a picture of a burro feeling a tiny bit guilty that his behavior has displeased me.


  1. A little roughage to go with the spring greens :)

    M in NC

  2. We had snow today, and your trees are so green. Alan doesn't seem like he is guilty for very long :-)

  3. Alan just likes to pose. Not guilty at all.

  4. I still can't believe they eat cholla. I've seen that stuff go thru leather soles.

  5. They just want those lower branches to die so they can be near them without poking out an eye.

  6. Allan says: I'm sorry.........I got caught.

  7. Alan got slammed with The Withering Look by Mom. He throws back the Please Don't Hate Me. And Mom, after taking this picture, smiles. And, thus, the Juniper bushes remain on the menu.