Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday leftovers

The re-decorating snowball began rolling downhill in January, 
when I painted the dining room and kitchen. 

Strike 1: Endive 
 I liked the barely green color for the kitchen, but it did nothing for the dining room.
Some of you suggested an accent wall, and that seemed like a really good idea.

Strike 2: Polished Pearl
Even more boring.

So I was 0 - 2 in the bottom of the ninth.
If I didn't get a hit with the next color, the game would be over
because my patience for painting this wall was wearing very thin.

Dill Seed.
The color is a little bit grayer in person and I really like it.
There may be a Dill Seed bedroom in my future.

Remember this picture of my guardian shelf donkey?
It's on the cover of the The Donkey Sanctuary spring gift catalog.
I love The Donkey Sanctuary and all the wonderful things it does for donkeys worldwide.

And speaking of doing wonderful things for donkeys,
have you seen what ranchsitter extraordinaire and blogger Danni has been up to?
If you haven't already, head on over to Critter Farm to meet Princess Buttercup,
the BLM burro formerly known as #5918.
Danni is participating in The Great Burro Turnaround and has 100 days to train Buttercup,
who will then be available for adoption. 


  1. i love that dill color and the room looks great. those portraits are fantastic... headed over to see the donkey trainer

  2. I am now following Critter Farm and am in love with it, just like i love yours. thanks for the link... Buttercup is gorgeous and her name is perfect

  3. Sweetest face in the world!!!! I'm eating my heart out. Big gold star for Danni. Love the dill seed! It works beautifully.

  4. How very cool! I'll have to remember this lesson: If the chosen color doesn't come out like you expected, do NOT lose patience and 'splode and paint the wall(s) white :(, but rather try again, and maybe even once again, to get it just perfect and right and enjoyable every time you look at it...
    Very nice color, excellent choice - and you triumphed after a mere two tries, yayy!! :)

  5. Oh yes, the trials and tribulations of paint colors! I went through it all with my son's room and the gray I chose is darker than I would have liked but int the end I do like it. I just love what the BLM is doing with the burros, how wonderful! It would be fun to have one on the ranch someday. I think our guests would love it!

  6. Oooh, I do like Dill seed! I can't tell, though, did you use that just for an accent wall or for all the dining room walls? It looks like the wall to the left is lighter in color. Regardless, it looks smashing. Of course, any wall would look awesome with those portraits hanging on it.
    Hey, thanks for the shout-out.
    Princess B. sends her regards. :-)

  7. An American in Tokyo3/16/15, 6:27 PM

    I love your new wall color! It's great how you use it just for an accent wall!

    Checking out the Donkey Sanctuary and Critter Farm to get my day's worth of donki-ness! hee haw!