Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturday encore ~ Distracted

It was Sunday morning and we'd all just finished breakfast. It had rained overnight and I knew George and Alan 
would be feeling feisty, so I grabbed the camera and followed them into the pasture.

They were moving much faster than I, so I had to race to catch up, dodging cactus, 
retrieving a shoe that got stuck in the mud, and generally trying to stay upright.

Once I reached them, they did not disappoint. 

I was confident I'd have at least enough blog fodder for Monday.

Alan: He cut my nose and it's bleeding. Make him stop right now!

I was about to go in and break things up but something caught both of their attention and a truce was called...

...for about five seconds.

I was loving the light and the clouds hovering over the mountains in the background. 
The boys were cooperating fully as I angled here and there to capture their best expressions.

Me: Work it, boys, work it! 

Me: Howl like you're coyotes.

I was having so much fun watching them and taking pictures, it was sad to see them take off. 
It wasn't until I looked up from behind the lens as they ran away that I finally saw 
what I had been missing for the last 10 minutes.

That whole time I had been photographing George and Alan, 
a herd of pronghorns was sleeping in the pasture right next to us and I was too distracted to notice.

* slaps forehead *


  1. Your boys are endlessly entertaining. Glad to see the snow has melted away. Missing the pronghorns -- now that is embarrassing.

  2. Wow! Those two were trying to tell you there were pronghorns in the grass. The visitors knew you weren't watching. Animals are so smart!

  3. i laughed and smiled and giggled all the way through, if i were there for The Show, my camera would shake from laughing and blur the photos. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the howl..... and the slap forehead...

  4. Don't feel bad, the boys were riveting. At least the pronghorns were in the distance. Check this out.
    Love the blog...

  5. The visit here always makes me smile.

  6. "Howl" was my favourite of this bunch of photos, though I often find it hard to narrow down the choice between your pics. I always chuckle over how it seems that, even when they're in the midst of their nonsense, they seem to always have one eye focused on you, as if they're semi-pro models in love with the lens. heh heh heh

  7. Not fair to slap your innocent forehead. After all, you were concentrating on a work of art in the making, and the boys really "working it"!
    It's exciting to see pronghorn, sure, but center stage always belongs to your boys, imo. ;-) + <3

  8. Oh how funny. You were totally in the moment of photographing the boys.
    Love the howl like a coyote one.