Friday, March 13, 2015

I can see China from here

About a month ago, I blogged about my favorable experience buying eyeglasses online from a place called EyeBuy Direct. The very next day, I received an email from another online eyewear company, asking if I would be interested in receiving a free pair of eyeglasses in exchange for a no-strings-attached review of their glasses, service and website. Since a girl can never have too many pairs of eyeglasses, I agreed.

The company's name is Firmoo, which sounds more like some new-age dairy product than an optical store, but what do I know? On my first visit to their website, they appeared to have an extensive collection of frames and lots of good information about purchasing eyewear online, but something was just a little bit off. I kept on reading and concluded I was not dealing with a U.S.-based company. All the text was written in English but with a twist. For example:

"All of these frames which are quite popular in the world are elaborately picked by our staff..."

" feels each satisfied customer is the priceless wealth who helps spread the word."

"Through the harmonious collaboration between our optical experts, 
direct manufacturers and our overseas laboratories..."

Now I get it. Firmoo is in China and English is some marketer's second language. That's cool. I can handle it. Free glasses are free glasses.

Aside from making me giggle, their website has a few features that I really liked, such as closeup photographs of all parts of the frames and the ability to try on many pairs of glasses at one time:

 Firmoo also has some very interesting search categories:
I'm all for seeing clearly and looking smart.

Do these glasses make me look like a Republican?

I ended up ordering a pair from Firmoo's Nerd collection, because I am.

It took about two weeks for the glasses to arrive from China.

They fit great, the prescription is accurate, and I like the way they look, on me and on Smooch.

If you'd like to give the whole online eyeglass buying thing a try, 
Firmoo is offering you a 50% off deal with this link:  


  1. Reminds me of "Erry Potter" but I like them!

  2. Smooch looks as good as Lana Turner in those glasses! Old-fashioned gorgeous girl! Interesting experience all around -- good marketing, love the Steve Jobs approach, "Look Smart," and somebody in China has found you & your 4-footed roommates!

  3. smooch looks adorable in them. great find..

  4. Just when i thought smooch couldn't get any cuter. She looks so smart!

  5. I love them! I wear nerdy glasses too, in fact mine look like the burgundy ones in the bottom, right corner of the first picture. I didn't pay anywhere near $59 though.

  6. love your story. and indeed they are perfect on Smooch! for that price I could ordre a crazy pair, one I never dared to buy here

  7. I had fun choosing for you. 1st row 4th pic, 2nd row 3rd pic, 3rd row 1st pic, 4th row 4th pic. That is a pretty cool website. Happy Friday! It is supposed to be 80 degrees here! I will be on wasp patrol while I lay new shredded bark this weekend.

  8. We have not seen Johnny in a while, is he ok? The glasses look like they will do the job and free is even better.

    1. Johnny is just fine. I will be sure to tell him you miss him.

  9. Nice that it worked for you. I ordered clothes via an online site that turned out to be Chinese. No thanks. The clothing could fit a child. Returning wasn't worth it. I gave the clothes to a child.

  10. An American in Tokyo3/16/15, 6:31 PM

    I love love LOVE that last picture of Smoochie-poo!!
    She looks so lovely with the glasses and her ears back, all relaxed. =)

    Glad to hear you got another great deal on glasses, too! Free! Woo hoo!