Tuesday, February 10, 2015

George washes up on the beach

I've observed burro behavior long enough to have a pretty good grip on their body language and mannerisms, 
but now and then, one of them will do something new that leaves me asking questions.

Me: George, you look like you're about to tip over. Why are your back legs locked together?

Me: Do you have to pee? Do your feet hurt? I'm concerned. Talk to me.

George: I was about to lie down and got my legs in position to plop 
but then I heard you come out the door and I thought 
there might be food involved so I thought I'd better not lie down because 
I'd only have to stand back up again and was it really worth all that effort? 
and then you started taking pictures and I thought crap this could go on forever 
so I might as well finish what I started and lie down.

Me: I'm sorry I asked.

A sleeping George bears a strong resemblance to a beached whale,

albeit a very contented one.


  1. I think a sleeping George bears a very close resemblance to a cutie-pie.

  2. this is just to sweet for words... I LOVE IT... love it love it....

  3. AWWWW!!! I think he looks like a llama when he is sleeping.

  4. I do believe you pretty well captured George's thoughts at the time.

  5. I love George best. Except for Alan. Except for Hank. Lucy and Smooch? A class of their own. Aunt Jean

  6. A beached whale. Really now. Dearest George, if you feel insulted, let me know and I'll come get you. I still have the outside elevator I had built for my GreatBigLoveOfMyLife dog, so you could even come up from the garden for visits on my verandah!
    P.S. If there is a Best Translator/Interpreter award, you, Carson, should receive it for the language combination Equine (etc.) to English!

  7. How DO you get anything done around there? I would be stinking of animals every minute of the day.

  8. Oh lordy lookee at those smoochable donkey lips. xoxoxoxo

  9. How Zen is THAT! The 4th picture I can hear his mantra "mmmmmmmwatermmmmmmmellon".

  10. Those views of George remind me of a camel's nose and mouth.

  11. That's what I wanna do...Lay on the dirt in the sun! Very kissable face ( I think he was smiling)

  12. An American in Tokyo2/10/15, 4:31 PM

    Awww!! Cutest whale I've ever seen!! : )

  13. Hey Carson.... I tried emailing you, but it wouldn't go through. Just wanted to make sure you are watching "Better Call Saul" that started this past Sunday on AMC....by the same people as Breaking Bad. You will LOVE it!!!
    It's our new favorite show!

    Always great checking in on your herd! Envious of your blue skies....it's been gray here for months, it seems!!!