Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday encore ~ Baby carrots – they're the new watermelon

Lucy: Where do baby carrots come from?

Me: The refrigerator. Ranchsitter #7 left them and we have to use them up before they rot.

Lucy: That isn't what I meant.
Me: I know, but I didn't want you to be frightened by the truth.

Lucy: Actually, they could come from Mars for all I care. 
I just know that I loves me some baby carrots.

Hank: Dare I say these are better than watermelon? No messy drips and 
they make my eyes pop out of my head just as much.

George: Wait. There's two of us and only one baby carrot.

Alan: What's your point?

George: Baby carrots put a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye.

George: I also hear they're very good for dental health.

Now before you get all "you're gonna lose a finger feeding baby carrots that way" on me, understand that 
it's a sacrifice I've chosen to make in the name of better pictures. The boys' eyes light up 
when I wave a baby carrot in front of their faces, much more so than with the safer 
"place it in the palm of the flat hand" method.

Hank: You need to work on your aim, mom. I can't eat it with my nose.

Me: I'm multi-tasking here. Give me a break.

A solution to the two-headed four-eyed baby-carrot-eating monster dilemma?

I'd call that a win win.

Me: Patience, Alan. George is still chewing.

Me: These are the last two in the bag, boys.

George: Put them on the grocery list, please. 
Me: Count on it. This was fun.


  1. please don't forget to buy more carrots, this was fun for us tooooooooo

  2. I love the feel of their soft lips when they take gentle.
    Hank and those eyeballs!

  3. Simple pleasures are the best pleasures. (Are you listening all you moms and dads out there?)

  4. An American in Tokyo1/10/15, 3:50 PM

    Baby carrots are great because no chopping up time means more time with the cuties!

    I didn't realize burros had such tiny teeth?! They are significantly smaller looking than horses, or do Alan and George just have smaller mouthes?!

  5. Ha haa, so sweet view agle :) and who dosn't love the carrots?

  6. Bet those came from my hometown, Bakersfield. Your babies might love to visit here. Truck loads of carrots are dumped in pastures for the livestock. PS...growing your own carrots is easy and they taste so much better.