Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday encore ~ Alan and Lucy pierce their tongues

For the record, I feed generous quantities of hay to my equines four times a day –
breakfast, lunch, dinner and a bedtime snack. In addition, they have 80 stinkin' acres of pasture to graze!

 Does this stop them from chomping on cholla? No.

 The inside of this stuff holds some magical power over them. I hope it's not hallucinogenic.

Lucy: Stop fretting. We know what's good for us...

...and this doesn't hurt at all.

 Lucy: Ok, maybe that one poked just a tiny bit.

 Me: Uh...Lucy've got a little something hanging from your nose.

Lucy: How embarrassing. Don't let them see me.


  1. Your Coffee Table Book just popped up so I clicked on the link. What a treasure. Thanks.

    1. what coffee table book?

    2. Rebecca must have seen a link to this post from 2009

  2. Your posts bring a whole different meaning to LMAO - which is what I am doing.

  3. Sunday. Sunday and no leftovers!?! Horrors! I never promised I wouldn't worry!! (Although worrying makes a whole lot of sense when one is half a world away, but I never promised to be reasonable either.) Oh well, for days I've been meaning to tell you that I don't know what delighted me more after your scary Slacker Announcement: Your out-of-this-world wonderful posts - or the fact that your definition of "giving oneself some slack" and mine differ hugely... Thank goodness! And thank Carson!! :-)
    Ha, I just saw your new tweet (and great link, thank you!) regarding this year's Super Bowl commercial for and by the tissue industry I mean Budweiser. Now I know you're fine - plus, I can look forward to The Commercial. P.S. Super Bowl has to do with American football, right? ;-)
    Hope you have a very enjoyable Sunday!

  4. An American in Tokyo1/18/15, 4:53 PM

    I don't know how they can digest those things without hurting their insides! Ouchie!

  5. LOL! They must taste better than chocolate!

  6. I was laughing out loud reading the post title but the rest of the post was hilarious too! I love your sense of humour. Laughs aside....cholla looks positively painful to eat!