Thursday, January 29, 2015

In sync until they're not

George and Alan are often in sync...

...but not always.
Here George is playing a variation of that popular children's party game.
We call it "Pull the Tail on the Donkey."


  1. There were brays and we didn't get to hear them?

  2. Mine play "Pull the ear on the donkey". It's a game that the owner of the ear does not like one bit.

  3. Wonder if Lucy passed gas in that second one...
    And then they laughed their "asses" off

  4. George is really pulling! with all his teeth

  5. An American in Tokyo1/29/15, 7:24 PM

    Ouch, George!!

    Waiting to see how your trim turns out...

  6. Gotta love Alan and his flared nostrils. Every day I go through all my other farm blogs with the anticipation of reading a little slice of your life with the animals out in the middle of nowhere. The You Might Also Likes are a great trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing. Just wondering...will you be updating the F.A.Q and For You sections? I noticed the comments were getting a little sparse so thought I would pitch in. :)
    Anna in AZ

  7. In sync in the cutest way! Until they're not, which also looks cute, and funny albeit slightly ouchy, to me - but... do I see Alan's right hind on its way to George's kin? -- Ah, how wonderful that you have the timing to capture these delightful scenes!

    1. "kin"??? --> chin! Good grief!