Friday, January 23, 2015

Dry for a day

The weather cycle in these parts goes something like this: 
Day 1: Snow 
Day 2: Very cold 
Day 3: Very warm and the snow melts fast 
Day 4: Ankle deep mud 
Day 5: Slicker-than-snot-on-the-surface mud 
Day 6: Starting to dry out 
Day 7: Dry 
Wednesday was Day 7. Thursday, the cycle started all over again. 

Smooch is back to her old self.

The snow does not interfere with her attempts to excavate the entire back yard.

When snow is falling, George, Alan and Lucy do not leave the barn under any circumstances,

but once it stops, they emerge to enjoy the sunshine.

Hank would pose for snow portraits all day. He loves cold and snowy weather.

Hank and I are opposites in that regard.

Me: One more picture, then I'm out of here, buddy. My toes are cold.


  1. Handsome Hank. He's giving you quite the little flirty eye there, isn't he?

  2. Love that last shot of Hank's powdered sugar nose!

  3. I am with the donkey's, no go outside in snow... love that shot of The Digger

  4. OUCH on the weather report

  5. Those animals are beeeeeeeautiful !!!!

  6. He looks like he has been eating powdered sugar doughnuts!

  7. Hank is so handsome. Funny how horses love the snow.

  8. We get snow once in awhile. I've been here 3 yrs. and we've had snow twice and I melts as soon as the sun comes up. The bad part about it snowing here is the traffic jams. People drive from all over the Phoenix area to see and take pictures of the snow on the mountain. There is only one road that comes up here and the last time cars were lining the road on both sides. Cars as far as you could see.

  9. Hank, you handsome devil. Yet my heart belongs to George and Alan. And Smooch. And that Johnetta come lately Lucy. Aunt Jean

  10. OH Velvety Hank, you are so handsome and even more so in the snow! I guess the cold is good for aching articulations. I love the second pix of Smooch digging!!

  11. Hank: Your TOES are cold??? My HOOVES are quite fine, you should get some. Next you're gonna say your nose is cold....
    See last photo!!! I love snow!!

  12. Oh, what a pretty picture of Smooch in the snow...and, of course. ...handsome Hank...

  13. An American in Tokyo1/24/15, 4:53 AM

    Glad to see everyone enjoying the sunshine, minus coyotes! Hi Cutie Hank!