Monday, January 5, 2015

A little slack

Christmas break lasted a little longer than I thought it would. 
I wasn't sure I could stay away from the keyboard that long.
Turns out it was pretty easy. Call me a slacker. I'll get over it.
Most of the time that would have been devoted to daily blogging was spent instead
keeping up with the extra chores brought on by obscenely cold temperatures
and almost-daily snowstorms.

Smooch patrolled the ranch through the windows 
since it was too cold for her to be outside,

and I took pictures through the windows for the same reason.

Coyote sightings were a daily occurence. 
This one is making off with a rabbit.

I painted the dining room and kitchen. That escapade is deserving of its own post,
which I'll get to later in the week.

I didn't make any resolutions for the new year, 
but I may have decided to cut myself some slack from blogging every day.
Just a little slack, mind you; you can't get rid of me that easily.

Will you promise not to assume something horrible has happened if a new post
doesn't appear every day? Knowing me, I'll probably post almost as often as I have been,
but it will be liberating to know I can skip a day or two if I feel like it. Okay? Okay.

Now that we've got that settled, George wanted to show you 
that he could walk and chew tumbleweeds at the same time.


  1. LInda, you deserve a break, so if you decide not to blog every day we will certainly understand! However, that means I will have to change too! You are one of three sites I check every morning when I log on..........and I will miss your daily entries. Maybe its because of the Christmas "vacation" that you feel this way......I too am returning to work today after a 2 week vacation and I have been dreading it for days! I hope that once I get back to work and into my routine that feeling will go away:) Anyway, we will miss it but go girl......just let us in a little when you can:)

    For me its like reading a good book a few pages at a time......

  2. Okay, I can cut you some slack if you promise to stay safe.

  3. We are grateful for what you share, not how often you share it.

  4. Welcome back. Happy New Year, Carson. It's time to take a break. You've been blogging daily for years.

    A well needed rest is always good. See ya soon and hope you had a great holiday.

  5. Me and my morning joe are jonesin' just at the thought of not having your morning post. We'll get over it.... someday.

  6. Welcome back!!
    Slacker. ;)

  7. After the first day or so, its not a problem staying away from the laptop .... for me ;)
    Glad to see you and the herd are doing well (fingers crossed that Johnny is staying close to the barn with the feral canines hunting in the vicinity!).

    Even if you don't feel like writing ... you can always post a scenic picture ?? Call it a 'weather report'.
    I think you cold weather is heading my way .... we are going from yesterday's 'high' of 63F ... to 13F by Wed morning.
    The trees/plants/birds are in for a shocker.

    Stay warm.
    M in NC

  8. we will be waiting when ever you post... no sweat to taking days off... blogging is a bit of a job sometimes. but i do love it. i don't remember seeing the shelter that Smooch is sitting under on the hay bale.. i love it and it needs a swing... love the smooch in the snow shot to. welcome back.

  9. What?! No way! You just keep posting young lady or we won't be back! Yeah, right. You know we will still be here. We're addicted to those cute, funny faces and your witty style.
    P.S. We had that same coyote picture out of kitchen window yesterday. Of all the coyote sightings, I've never seen them with dinner before.

  10. Okay? Okay. But I shall weep.

  11. Can't wait for the post regarding the painting project...that image is the perfect, 'a picture is worth a thousand words' kind of picture! ; / I totally understand your need/decision to readjust your blogging schedule. While I will miss the daily posts, I will just think happy thoughts of you with a 'day off' kind of mojo going on, and be content in the anticipation of when/what the next post might be/about. Thanks for letting us know...cuz we do worry! :)

  12. Slack granted. After all i just read your post everyday, i don't have to do the work you do of writing. Some how even with the snow that blue sky makes it look warm. Great pics.

  13. Welcome back!


  14. I seem to recall that you have a day job. The blog is for your own enjoyment. And of course the greedy eyes :) Don't need pressure to post. You will find a rhythm that suits you. I solemnly swear that I will not assume illness, injury, or significant loss. Have been working toward this new period of exploration by having encore days and Sunday leftovers.

    No snow here, just cold this morning. Fifteen degrees. Maybe those spring bulbs will go back below ground where they belong in January instead of sticking up three inches.

  15. I understand your feelings. I used to post every day and was darn proud of it. Then... once I took a break and found all of that extra time then it was a bit easier to let go. I also tell myself I am blogging for me - chronicling my life for my failing brain, and maybe for my kids and.... some day, my grandkids. That made it a bit easier to let go.
    Enjoy your time. I'll enjoy your posts...whenever you put them up!

  16. Good to see you back - yours is my very favourite blog. I do understand the need to break from blogging daily. Since joining facebook, I stopped blogging regularly, so as a Christmas gift for my non-facebook friends I committed to blogging every day for the Twelve Days of Christmas. I'd forgotten how time consuming it can be and how sometimes I just don't feel like sitting in front of the computer. So, okay, we won't panic if you don't blog every day. But we'll be right here whenever you do - love your photos and commentary! Happy New Year.

  17. Northern AB gal1/5/15, 8:14 AM

    Welll, if you must, OK :) Since I'm resolving to eat less bread and sugar, no reason why I can't cut back on one other thing I'm addicted to!
    Can't wait to read about your painting escapade.

  18. I applaud you giving yourself some extra breathing room. So go for it. We'll still be checking in each day to see what's happening at 7MSN but we'll do our best not to worry when you don't show up for a day or two. Becky

  19. I'm glad to see you back ... the paint splattered cabinet, floor and shoe does not look good, however, I imagine the story will be a good one. I apologize for suggesting you might be ill, but glad to know you were and are just fine! I won't ever call you a slacker simply because you have a home, animals and more then enough to keep you busy even in your spare time when you find it. You know we all love reading your blog!! Hugs from Colorado ... Marcia

  20. Carson, I take breaks every now and then. Honestly, I only have the weekends (unless I'm home on a teaching break) to go out and take photos. Usually one weekend's photos will get me through a week, but not always. I think we ALL understand...
    Cheryl Ann in CA

  21. Michelle from Vancouver1/5/15, 10:03 AM

    We are just grateful you let us in your world.
    Like Redhorse said.....please stay safe.

  22. Glad you gave us the head's up. I promise I won't worry, then. You post when you feel and give yourself freedom to do whatever. Things aren't fun when they become an obligation :-)

  23. Finally. Bout time. 😃 Have missed you.😃🐴🐶🐱🐔😃

  24. Could someone have moved the ladder with a paint bucket sitting on the top rung?

    (There may or may not be a dent on my head from a hammer that went for a little ladder ride whilst doing chores last month... Considering that a lesson learned. ;D )

  25. See? There is an upside to turning 60. You learn to cut yourself some slack. :) Glad to see you back!

  26. As long as there's a designated person you check in with, in case you fall off a 40 foot ladder balanced in the back of your pickup while you're changing light bulbs, then the rest of us won't have to worry.

  27. I like to have something to read when I get to work, so as long as you post Monday through Friday, I'm good. ;-)


  28. Now that is a resolution: becoming a slack or slacker. I didnt even know this word existed. well yes, I realize posting must be a kind of slavery on the long run. take it easy you deserve it. we enjoyed following you and your critters all these years.

  29. An American in Tokyo1/5/15, 4:58 PM

    Happy New Year!
    I don't think you are a slacker if you painted your dining room and kitchen over the holidays!?!
    I had 3-4 days where I stayed at home but I could barely get myself to clean up around the house!!
    How do you get so motivated when it's so cold??

  30. Sure that ok! I've recently started blogging and am setting myself to do two posts a week. Can't imagine doing seven!

  31. You are so good at being loyal and steadfast......and we all get a little jumpy when you aren't where we have come to expect that you will be. But it is of course okeeee dokeeee if you take a break and do what is on your mind and on the top of your list. We owe you loyalty and patience. I bet we can do that for you. xoxo Oma Linda