Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday leftovers

I was on the phone with my mom when I saw this happening outside the window.
I wasn't sure who would go after whom first, and luckily nobody went after anybody,
because how do you explain to the person at the end of the line that you have to hang up
because your cat is attacking a raven or vice versa?

With annual vet visits out of the way, it was time to wrap up the horse trailer for another year,
or so I hope. Not wanting to replace the trailer floor yet again, I throw a tarp over the top 
to keep out the rain and snow. Last year, I had help; this year, I was on my own.

 Aided by a breeze that was blowing in my favor...

 and a strategically placed pulley...'s a wrap.

 For the record, I wrap trailers better than I wrap packages. 
Maybe if I wrapped packages with baling twine instead of scotch tape, I'd have more success.

The weatherman predicted that my neck of New Mexico would escape last week's arctic blast.
He was wrong. Had I known that the temperature would drop to 16 Thursday morning,
I could have protected Edith's comb with vaseline. Alas, the grey tips indicate frostbite. 
Clara and Peach suffered frostbite back in 2011, and their spikey combs rounded off. 
I haven't the heart to tell Edith that she'll likely lose her signature look.


  1. Lots of work on that spread of yours! Poor Edith!

  2. Done good with the trailer wrap. You'll have to start knitting little chicken hats for the winter. Always lots to do at your place! BA SP

  3. That raven looks like it weighs as much as JC!
    Never trust the weather-guessers. I broke up with my local weatherman. I had a mad crush on him because he's so sweet and oddly handsome and seemed as though he'd never lie to me. Doesn't matter that he's gay. He lied to me all summer long, so I broke it off. Can't abide a liar!

  4. Aww, poor Edith. Who would think it would get that cold so soon? How do you get Vaseline on them?

    1. First you catch her, then you rub it on her head, then you go take a shower 'cause you've got as much on you as on her. Simple.

  5. You are a wonderful mom to Edith and all!!!

  6. In the scheme of things, Edith came out okay. Love the leftovers. Trailer all bedded down for winter. JCC will be curling up snug in the house as much as you let him. Winter isn't exactly prime barn hunting time anyway :)

  7. Chicken hats! What a great idea Sandra. Hey, if they have invented chicken sunglasses, anything is possible.

  8. that's a clever wrap! I love the "strategically placed pulley"!

  9. You did an excellent job of the wrapping. The frostbite doesn't look too bad, she just might recover fully.