Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday leftovers

 The beginning of November, the end of daylight saving time, the tall green grass now brown...
Can we skip winter and go right to spring?

 Lucy, George and Alan are sick of standing around and watching Hank eat.
Surely it must be time to retire their grazing muzzles, or so they ask me every day.
And maybe they're right. Starting today, I will remove their muzzles
one hour earlier each day. By this time next week, they'll be gone for good,
or until such time that there is tall green grass in the pasture once again.

 They long to eat freely, and I long to take pictures of them without those ugly muzzles.

Speaking of is molting Minnie. At least she has an excuse not to lay eggs. 
Mrs. Hughes hasn't laid an egg for three weeks, when I found her sitting on 
a hidden cache of two dozen and took them all away.
Who knew chickens could hold such a grudge?

 "Stretch" spent some quality time in my office this week.

 I'd rather he play with shadows than rabbits.

Smooch and I are both repressing the thought of freezing temperatures
and having to close the doors to the sunroom for the next few months.

 I can only hope that all our pronghorn friends will stick around 
to keep us company through the short days to come.

My sister sent me this picture of my mom last week.
It's been a tough year for her but she's doing well.
I wonder if my hair will be as pretty as hers when I'm 86?
I have this image of white hair sticking out from under my baseball cap.


  1. your mom is beautiful, her hair is like my husbands.. hope you have a mild winter and i can't wait for the muzzles to go either. i love the one eye shot. beautiful

  2. Way to go Mom! She looks awesome! You've got good genes, Carson. It's a darned good thing you got the Ranger. When you're 86, you will need it to feed the critters!

  3. LOL! I have a cat named Stretch.
    Your mom is so pretty, just lovely.

  4. Your mom is beautiful!


  5. Pretty mother! Maybe George & Alan & Lucy could lend ME their grazing muzzles. I quit smoking 3 months ago & have gained 10 lbs. It's miserable! Let me know when they're finished with them....

    1. good for you, Laurie!!!! hang in there.....

  6. Seems like the wrong time to molt, but I don't know nothing about chickens. I suspect there is another stash that you have yet to find. We had a hard frost last night. Temperature 25 when I got up.

    Cats didn't like it that I slept in to try and adjust to the time change. Smokey gets two insulin shots a day and I've been working on getting those later, along with their supper. They are not amused.

    Love the light on JCC's picks. Cheering on the removal of the muzzles too. And thank you for posting the pic of your Mom. Just lovely.

  7. Have you ever measured JCC all stretched out like that? I wonder how tall he is.
    Love that shot of your mom. She looks great. I know she misses your dad as do you.

  8. Love this picture of your Mom, she has always been so pretty and funny to boot! I bet you will have that beautiful white hair. Got a little weepy as per my usual.

  9. Carson, your momma looks wonderful! And that color looks gorgeous on her.
    I'm so happy to see her looking so well.

    Oh dear, poor Minnie. My girls (and boy) are all mid-molt here, too. Feathers, feathers everywhere...

  10. I've been wondering how your mom is . She looks gorgeous. I can't wait for those stinkin' muzzles to be off too. Still makes me claustrophobic.

  11. My white hair sticks out from under my baseball cap....I look almost like a little old man marching around the golf course I'm sure .... I hope I get to do the same if I make it to 86 ... your Mom looks great.

  12. Pretty Mom. Love your animal pics, Carson. Can feel your heart in them.

  13. Oh - that picture of Hank stopped me in my tracks. He sure is 'handsome'!! I imagine all FIVE of you will be happier when the muzzles are gone ... And great to see your Mom's picture. Does she know she's famous now? ;)

  14. Oh those poor guys longing to be able to graze. Your pinto horse is so handsome and your cat so graceful as he stretches.

  15. What a sweet and elegant lady.
    Her face is very symmetrical too!

  16. Your mama is beautiful!! Beginning to wonder why we have a room here that we call the sunroom. It was 38 degrees in there one morning last winter. Maybe enclosed porch would be a better description. Like you, we miss using the space in the winter.

  17. Sorry I don't know this but why is Hank able to eat without a muzzle? Love the pic with Alan! Smooch and JCC are adorable! Well, all of them are!
    I can see you in your Momma! She is beautiful! Was she a ginger? Deb

  18. Awww...your mom is so pretty! My grandmother (mom's mom...) had beautiful, full, thick red hair. Mom and my aunt both had red hair and my blonde hair is now strawberry blonde. At least I have Grandma's full head of hair! Love your "leftover" photos!
    Cheryl Ann~~I had to add 2 blankets to the bed last night!

  19. Good Golly, you and your Mom have the best skin. Stay out of the sun. And when you go into the light.... use sunscreen. Of course I do not practice what I preach. Your mother is 86? Jeepers, you have good jeans, I mean genes.

  20. An American in Tokyo11/3/14, 4:48 PM

    Your Mom looks so young!! She doesn't even look her age at all!! =D