Thursday, October 30, 2014

The cat, the rabbit and the chickens

Survey the pictures. So I will. The pictures themselves aren't overly gross, 
but if you have issues conceptually with a cat walking around with a rabbit in its mouth, 
you may want to just come back tomorrow. 
I've blurred the rabbit's face when necessary to de-cutify him. 

Our story begins one morning last week. I walked into the sunroom and noticed Johnny 
standing at the garden gate with something large in his mouth. He stood there for the longest time 
and so did I. It was apparent he wasn't going to move anytime soon, so I went to get the camera.
Most of the pictures you'll see here were taken through windows.

It was apparent that Johnny wanted to leave the garden, but he had several decisions to make first:
1) how to get through or over the gate with a sizeable rabbit in his mouth
2) how to prevent the chickens from stealing his rabbit once he got on the other side

While the chickens were putting their offensive line together, 
Johnny jumped over the gate and I missed the shot.

He walked along the front of the house, contemplating his next move.

Nowhere to go but up.

If a cat weighing 9.5 pounds carrying a rabbit weighing 2 pounds 
jumps over a railing that is 3 feet high, how fast was the train going?
I've never been very good at word problems.

Me: Thanks, John, I'm honored that you brought me your trophy, 
but there's no stinkin' way that you're bringing it in the house. Now scram!

He jumped back over the railing...

and told Minnie he wasn't planning to share.

Minnie: Tread lightly, Cat. There are five of us.

Me: I already told you, I've had breakfast.
Now take that thing off the porch! I don't want it!

Johnny: Ingrate...I've worked hard for this bunny.

Johnny: Must hide...must hide.

Peach: Where'd he go? He was here a minute ago.

Johnny evaded Peach's surveillance...

...and found a good hiding spot beside my office window.

His only concern now was Smooch.

He stared into the back yard until he was convinced that Smooch
was well contained on her side of the fence,

then he came back to enjoy his meal.
I didn't need to watch that and neither do you, so I put the camera down and went back to work.

The next time I looked out the window, the chickens were eating Johnny's leftovers.

And the next time I looked out the window, there were rabbit entrails on the front porch
and a flock of chickens trying to get to them.

Normally, the chickens aren't allowed on the front porch, but given the choice of cleaning up
chicken poop or cleaning up rabbit entrails, I opted for chicken poop and opened the gate.

Best. Meal. Ever. If you happen to be a chicken.

JCC: Please do not judge me. It's what cats do.


  1. Big bad John just doing his job, somebody has to do it. Score!
    BA SP

  2. i am sitting here trying to figure out just how Johnny killed that rabbit... he sure had to work to find a place to eat... very interesting story, and one I did not know about... how could anyone judge that face.

  3. Great story. Reminds me of our Remington, our old man cat (passed away at 23 hence the old man cat name late in life) would bring us his prices. Even slip them into the house when we were not paying attention. Loved it when he would also leave his gifts right on the meters for the gas and electric meter readers. They would get a chuckle out of them.

  4. No judging from me Johnny and thank your Mom for hiding the cuteness factor. The folks at the fancy restaurant down the street from me have excited conversations about the rabbits I keep in our shop. It's light hearted banter but I always make sure I double check the lock on the shop door before I leave at night!

  5. Alexander (the Great)10/30/14, 6:38 AM

    Favorite line;
    "I worked hard for this bunny."
    You crack me up Carson.

  6. Johnny is a good hunter. It was entertaining to watch his food security endeavour.


  7. Great post, glad you did it. He really did have to work hard for that meal. "Nice" of him to share his leftovers.

  8. Great narrative mode! No judgement from me JCC. (Your not a Ragdoll cat.) Be sure to stay away from the venomous snakes.

  9. No judgment from me Johnny. You were brought there to hunt (maybe not cute wittle bunny wabbits) and you are doing a great job. I'm in awe that you can jump the gate with a bunny in your mouth.

  10. JCC is one skilled hunter! I once had a cat bring home a rabbit less than half that size, but she hadn't managed to kill it and dropped it at my feet, leaving me to put it out of its misery.

  11. I figure for every bunny there are 100 mice he catches. Well done Johnny!

  12. Ha!! "De-cuteify" That's a word, I know it is. :)
    Poor JC--wonder why he didn't eat it in the driveway or the garden?

  13. It's like the Walking Dead, only with hens. I'll have nightmares.

  14. I love you Johnny. You are a good hunter. Go tell the girls to go out and chase a rabbit, break it's neck and carry it around the yard. I bet they can't!

  15. "JCC: Please do not judge me. It's what cats do." Oh JohnnyCashCat, if you knew what *humans* do...! How, for the most part, they breed, raise, transport, slaughter what they eat, without regard for the lifelong pain and suffering they cause in the process.

  16. We have feral cats in the neighborhood. I supplement their food supply and they bring me a thank you gift now and then. They even bring me their babies that lost the dog fight. I think he wanted to share his meal with you, you ungrateful human LOL :) It's a joy to come here every day, thanks for sharing your life with us.

  17. Looks like maybe the hunt was easier than running the chicken gauntlet. Well done, Sir John.

  18. I didn't want to see dead rabbits. But blurring its face was really a delicate attention. Thanks Carson. I ...still... love you JCC.

  19. OMG Linda! you are so very very loved. Not only you could have a whole bunny (I had guessed right) but JCC understanding you are not going to eat a fur bunny, did the job and left you the most succulent part; the entrails. Johnny you are such a great cat! you deserve a special treatment like one of those yummy chicken and salmon recipe in gravy of Purina One (You must be like my cat, he hates dry dehydrated croquettes and loves wet food, specially all fish recipes by Purina)

  20. We had a cat once that found a rabbit nest and brought us young rabbit every day until they were gone. We could not find the nest.

  21. You have the "Eye of the Tiger", JCC! You know your job is to protect the hay for Mom's herd and feed the chickens so they give her eggs. Yes, you are loved, Linda!

  22. Good job, Johnny!
    Looks as if you did the job quickly and efficiently.
    Yes, you are A Cat. Hear you roar.

  23. An American in Tokyo10/30/14, 8:59 PM

    Thank you for not showing the cute bunny face!
    I'm glad that JCC gives you such entertainment, right outside your window.
    Good thing the chickens cleaned up the porch after him. (I never knew chickens were such carnivores...)

    Are you going to dress up Hank or any of the gang for Halloween?!
    I would love to see a Hank cow, if you have the time! hee hee

  24. OMG! What an interesting story! My cats have always "presents" on our front door. Baby birds, mice, rats, even a baby bunny once! Ugh. I guess I need some chickens to clean up their "leftovers"!!!
    Cheryl Ann ~~ Yes, are you going to take some Halloween pics?

  25. I love this post but just in case you did not know, rabbits can give cats and chickens worms. We have barn cats that eat wild animals and we have to have them wormed due to this. Our Vet says once a year is good but you can do it however much you want. We just take them in and he gives them a shot and we are on our way.