Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday leftovers

Before we begin with the week's leftovers, a great big thanks to all of you 
for your comments and appreciation of the videos I posted on Thursday and Friday. 
Lesson learned: next time I'm at a loss for blog fodder, just take the video camera out to the barn 
for a few minutes of "this is what goes on here."

 A gang of four has been in residence all week – these three
(two young males and a young female, judging by their horns)...

...under the close supervision of this big buck. 
Whatever he says goes, and when he says, "Run!"...

 ...they say, "How fast?"

 Then I yell out, "Junior!" And whichever one stops is Junior for the day.
I have no idea if any of them really is Junior, but I like to think whomever stops
and makes meaningful eye contact recognizes my voice and remembers me fondly.


When last we saw Mrs. Hughes, she was sitting atop a hidden stash of 26 eggs.
The little bugger hasn't laid a single egg since ... that I can find. You don't want to know
how many treasure hunts I've conducted in the front yard that have turned up empty.

 Lady Mary and Edith have resumed their egg-laying in one of the regular nesting boxes...

 ...when they're not busy doing other things.

The biggest event of the week ... ok, maybe the fall ... happened Friday. I hauled Hank and Lucy to the vet 
for their annual checkups. No matter how many times I make the trip, I still agonize over it 
as if the world is going to end, and it never gets any easier. But as usual, it was completely uneventful,
the x-rays of Hank's knee looked no worse than last year, and they both got gold stars for being
such cooperative patients. The bad news is that I have to do the trip all over again in a couple of weeks,
this time with George and Alan. The fun and excitement just never ends.


  1. you need a visiting vet... i would agonize also... i follow a blog in South Africa and their vet for all animals comes to the complex.. just sayin...

    1. I would kill for a visiting vet...and would have a bunch more donkeys if one would come out here. But vets can't afford to take the time it would require to make the trip here.

  2. It is never dull chez toi. Thanks for the Sunday leftovers. BA SP

  3. Always glad to hear that Handsome Hank continues to thrive!

  4. We have issues hauling our 13 year old Golden Retriever to the vet!...she hates the car, and she has bad hips. We got a ramp, and we park at the curb, so it's a gentle climb in/out...but she shakes, salivates, and moans the whole trip to and from. Once she's there, she's fine...all that to say, I don't know how you do it with multiple huge a trailer...for miles and miles. I throw flowers at your feet!

  5. Very thankful that Hank is holding his own with the bad knee. Tender mercies...

  6. That's really good news on Hank's knees. Those darn hens, what form of protein are they eating now?

    1. Rabbit butt ... I hear it's considered a delicacy.

  7. Status quo on Handsome Hank is a wonderful report. Love the leftovers and hope you find the , yet again, missing eggs.

  8. Videos of "what's going on [t]here"?! I'm all for it, and suggest that whenever you're at a loss for the perfect song to go with a video, simply share the live sounds. Equines breathing and chewing, the chicken dames softly greeting you, Johnny CashCat asking you a question, Smooch licking her nose in anticipation of a caresse... would be music to my ears, too!
    P.S. I also enjoy the Sunday Leftovers very much!

  9. I like your photos as always; the hens and your pinto horse and the antelopes are all very photogenic. Ah, a vet that would come to you would be very convenient.

  10. An American in Tokyo10/20/14, 6:45 PM

    I wonder if Mrs. Hughes found a new hiding place?!

    That rabbit butt almost made me spit out my breakfast! ha ha!