Thursday, October 2, 2014

Johnny looks for his next meal

 Behold the mighty hunter atop his perch, surveying his kingdom for his next meal.

 Will it be a rabbit? A kangaroo rat? A burro?

 JCC: I'm not sure that would fit in my mouth.

JCC: It's a bit larger than my usual fare.

 JCC: I suppose I could try...

JCC: Relax. I was just kidding.


  1. JCC: You're not thinking about getting one of those nose cozies for me are you?

  2. JCC looks like he's become purrfectly comfortable around the herd. He's such a handsome fellow and so photogenic.

  3. It's interesting how cats protect their tails. He draws it up tight to his body until the threat passes and then
    relaxes it once again. Animals never cease to amaze me. BA SP

  4. Just when I think I've seen all the "moods" of JCC, you take another photo of him with a new expression. Love the last one, great caption.

  5. I always think you have fully captured JC's handsomeness and then you put up more photos of him. Like Linda, I love the last one!

  6. He is so the colors

  7. this handsome boy would never ever think about the burros as food. JCC is such a consciencious master guardian of his territory that he welcomes back the critters that make part of it. what a royal cat. he knows where, how and when to stand for this special time.