Monday, October 6, 2014

If it ain't broke, don't fix it ... unless your dad says otherwise

 When Danni and Paul were visiting last month, we replaced my dying garage door opener.
What should have been a straightforward d-i-y project became needlessly complicated at step 1B,
when a screwhead broke off of a screw and a critical component cracked. 
The project came to a screeching halt while we deliberated our options.
It was decided to move forward using the cracked component, attached with one of the requisite two screws.
I would order a new part, then uninstall the opener and replace the part when it came in...
which would be after Danni and Tall Paul had returned home...
and I had to do it all by myself. Yeah, right.

The part arrived two weeks ago. I walked by the box every time I went into the garage.
The new unit seemed to be working just fine with the cracked component attached with one screw.
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it," I thought.
"But it is broke, fix it," said my conscience, which sounded suspiciously like my dad.

So Sunday morning, I finally cowgirled up and set out to uninstall, 
fix, and reinstall the garage door opener.  

 I had a detailed, illegible list of instructions which made a whole lot of sense a month ago.
How hard could it be?

 My truck served as my ladder and workbench, and Tall Paul was but a phone call away. 
I was feeling good about this.

 Smooch sat in the back seat and provided much-needed moral support.

Getting the unit off the ceiling required only one call to Tall Paul,
and replacing the damaged part was a breeze. 
Now all I had to do was put Humpty Dumpy back together again.

 Smooch: What if she screws this up? The garage door will never open. 
I won't be able to go for a ride again. We're doomed.

 Smooch had a point. I would now have to do the above procedure (bolt the opener to the ceiling)
without the benefit of an extra pair of hands to hold it in place.

One pail + one 2x4 + one chunk of 4x4 + the telephone = an extra pair of hands.
As long as I didn't have to call Tall Paul in the next few minutes, I was good.

 Smooch was skeptical as I reached for the opener to push the button.

 Smooch: There is a god.


  1. thanks for the morning laugh. love your closing lines and Smooch looks a tad scared to me. you go girl

  2. Sure, there is a god, but Carson!!! You did it! And I LOVE your solutions!!

  3. You are amazing! Great job Linda and Smooch!

  4. Love your DIY projects. Your "extra hand" was pretty much how I might have accomplished it. You go, girl!

  5. I love this post! It really hits home with me.
    My Dad is gone too but I'm always hearing his voice and it's always when I'm about to do something half-assed or completely blow it off.
    I was also nodding my head as you created your second pair of hands. I've done much the same so many times! (especially when putting up my fence).
    Anyway, thanks for this post, it makes me feel like I'm not the only one!

  6. With Smooch's lip stuck she looks a bit worried and very skeptical. Silly girl we knew you could do it.

  7. I am completely impressed at your inventiveness. I would've sat there and cried. That's why you live there with your adorable pals & I don't! LOL.

  8. Good, NO GREAT JOB, love how you make do with what you have handy. Have a lovely week and hugs to all

  9. Very impressive, although those looks on Smooch's face had me a bit worried at first! My reaction would've been just like Laurie's, or I'd have paid $$$ to have a handyman do the job.


  10. "+ the telephone..." - now that is free-spirit DIYing after my own heart.

  11. You're amazing! Thanks for the great story. Becky

  12. Ok. Your description during our phone call of your extra pair of hands was funny, but the picture of it is HILARIOUS! You're like the MacGyver of the ranch world!
    Love seeing the "detailed, illegible" set of instructions again - as I recall, these were cleverly written while you and Paul were precariously posed on top of the ladder still. :-)
    Congrats on a job well done!

  13. Mission accomplished, whew!

  14. I knew you could do it. What I'm wondering though is, how do you lift those 5 gal water bottles onto the stand. I have to use a step stool and even then it is a challenge.

  15. You are the fixer of all things and creator of "helpers" each time. You are amazingly clever and resourceful. Congrats on yet another job well done.

  16. woot, woot! Bravo! happy dance, happy dance

  17. Another one for the good guys (aka 'the vertically challenged)!!

  18. I knew you'd think of something. I love how Smooch got in the truck and waited to go for a ride.

  19. Brilliant!!! Love your post!!!

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  21. Little late, but love your version of another pairs of hands. That was great! So sweet Smooch hung out with you. Great job!