Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Geoge and Alan vs. the umbrella

It was Friday evening and time to muzzle off. It was also raining very hard. 
I grabbed an umbrella and my camera, as I was pretty sure George and Alan
had ever met an umbrella and the encounter might prove blogworthy. 

I stood where they could see me and waited.

George and Alan were anxious to have their grazing muzzles removed 
but not anxious enough to race toward me at their usual speed.

Alan: I'd rather stand here getting wet than get near that thing.

After a thorough inspection, George determined that the umbrella was a good thing...

... because his butt would stay dry when he backed up to have it scratched.

It also held water and tasted pretty good.


  1. George, what a funny boy.

  2. They know that their Mom wouldn't bring anything harmful to the pasture. BA SP

  3. I love the reactions of animals, the one of George licking your umbrella and I'm still laughing at the idea of your chickens hiding their eggs from you!

  4. An American in Tokyo10/14/14, 8:47 PM

    So I guess Alan wouldn't get near the scary umbrella?

    My friend's horse got a little upset the other day when his owner let someone else borrow their umbrella. He had this look on his face like, "But MOM! That's MY umbrella!" Ha ha!

  5. Reading your blog has given me a lot of pleasure in a difficult time. Thank you.