Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Barn cats make lousy babysitters

 It was Sunday afternoon and Johnny's turn to keep Alan company.

 Me: You're fired.

 By Sunday evening, Alan was walking around his stall as if he hadn't been 3-legged lame 12 hours earlier,
so I turned him out in the corral overnight with George.

It was either the quickest recovery from lameness ever or
an academy-award-winning performance to get my attention.

Johnny: Told you so.

Johnny knows how to get my attention without faking an injury.

Walking vertically usually does the trick.


  1. JC is just about the prettiest cat ever, these photos are fantastic

  2. So glad Alan is back to wellness.

  3. Love the tail up in the air!

  4. He called in sick, and found out it isn't much fun in confinement. Poor Alan.

  5. Johnny is glad your focus is back on his ballet/gymnastics - er simply cat movement :) Great pics. Happy to know Alan is all recovered.

  6. oh no, you can't fire him, he did the job. The best way to control a situation is to pretend you are asleep cleverly positioned on a top overlooking place.

  7. Sounds like a hoof abscess, they show up very suddenly, make him very lame and disappear as soon as it breaks open. Tessa came up lame with one 2 days ago, but she is better today. I am glad Alan is feeling better.

  8. I'm so glad to hear Alan is back in good health. It's a worry when our fur babies aren't feeling well, to say the least.

    Is it me, or is George getting more handsome every day?

  9. An American in Tokyo10/28/14, 6:22 PM

    Glad to hear Alan is better! And JC is the master at keeping you entertained! ;)

    By the way, how is Fish doing?

    1. Fish is still swimming...and still pooping in the stock tank. *sigh*