Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A is for Alan, A is for Amazing

The days are getting noticably shorter, and muzzle-off time gets a few minutes earlier each evening.
When I went out Monday night to find the herd, I heard them before I saw them.
Alan's bray wasn't its usual "take my muzzle off right now" bellow; it had a "help me" edge to it. 

It takes me awhile to switch to video mode on my big camera
so I only caught a few unfocused seconds, but you'll hear what I mean:


Uh-oh. There's a stick up my ass.

Me: Alan...Alan...Alan. What am I going to do with you?

Alan: Aren't I amazing?


  1. I'm liking all the video! Being able to hear how they sound puts us one step closer. Thank you.

  2. You never know what animals can get into. I think of birds trying to fly with plastic bottles attached to their little heads. Lucky for your little guys as they have you to look out for them. Yes, his bray sounds distressful. Poor guy. All is well that ens well. BA SP

  3. Yep seeing the Hank cloud also. Love all the videos. Hoping Alan wasn't hurt with the stick.

  4. Oh Sweet Alan, your Awesome too.

  5. Poor Alan! I can't view the video at the moment (U-tube-is-a-no-no), but the still photos are enough!
    Hope he didn't stab/scrape up that tender muzzle of his.

    M in NC
    (argh - that captcha thing is back on)

    1. It is? I'll try to get of it right this minute.

  6. Po critter, good thing he's gots his Momma to put things right for him. Such a sweet face has he.

  7. Aww, poor baby. He knows who's always there to help. I love hearing their voices, and yes, his does sound like, "Mom!! Get me outta this!"

  8. Northern AB gal10/22/14, 7:18 AM

    Would be interesting to see how he managed to get the stick jammed in his muzzle. We need to put GoPro cameras on both Alan and George and see what mischief they get into when you aren't around :) Maybe 7MSN readers should start a GoPro Fund, lol.

  9. I was alarmed at his bray but laughed my "ass" off at your comment and his photo! Hilarious, ha haaa

  10. So glad you got that stick out of your ass.

  11. Alan begins his study of remedial basket weaving. Something goes wrong and it's MOMbray to the rescue!! Hope George wasn't watching and start thinking of trying this muzzle trick!

    Meant to ask about the vet visit: How is Hank's knee? Is Lucy as svelte as she should be? And how about the pudgy pair (they look slimmer to me)?

  12. Fortunately the stick was "up your ass" and not in his eye. :-}

  13. love hearing him, I was missing their voice, now I heard it

  14. An American in Tokyo10/22/14, 6:30 PM

    Oh no! Poor Alan, he sounded sad somehow. =(
    But here comes Mom to the rescue! tadadadadada~!
    A happy ending for all, especially when the muzzles come off!