Friday, September 5, 2014

Yes, we have no bananas

Getting rid of that 8-year-old rotting bale of straw made me look around to see 
what else I've been ignoring that should be tossed away. I looked no further than the freezer...
and the bunch of overripe bananas that I had put there in September 2013 
with all good intentions to make banana bread. That didn't happen,
and it probably never would, and if it did, I probably wouldn't want to use year-old bananas. 
But I hate wasting food and they would stink up the trash compactor something awful, 
but I had to get rid of them somehow...

Me: Girls! Come and get it!

Lady Mary: Year-old bananas? Are you kidding me?

Edith: We give her eggs and she gives us petrified bananas. Where's the justice?

Johnny reviewed the remainder of the bunch, now thawing on the table.

He got his licks in, realized how cold they were and how hot he was...

...and moved in for a refreshingly frozen hug. Cats are so weird.

And so are my chickens. 


  1. O dear, Wynonna would have known what to do with them! I think she's grunting from heaven now.

  2. I can almost feel how soft JCC is and can imagine the gentle clucking of the Ladies. Ahh..Friday!

  3. The last pic is hilarious.

  4. Nice try! Haha. What fun photos and captions. Those chickens with the light shining on the grasses makes a gorgeous photo!

  5. I peel mine and freeze them for smoothies that never happen. ;) I wish I had chickens to eat them up!

  6. Cute, fluffy little butts.

  7. I think you need to adopt another potbellied piggy. I can get you in touch with the pbp rescues down there...... just sayin'.
    Beautiful photos, BTW!

  8. cats are so clever, not weird. would the chickens eat them if they were peeled?

  9. Chicken Butts...they drive me nuts! I'm crazy about the feathers you're wearing. Great Pics!

  10. HA HA HA! Thank you for the laughs. The government cubicle needed it. I love the chicken's downy feathers on their little bottoms. I laughed so hard at the picture of Johnny and his frozen banannas. Classic. Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully you won't have any flash floods come your way Sunday into early next week. We get to receive all of six major clouds come our way, the weather gal said, it could make the sky dark, but no rain. Well, duh lady!

  11. Hmmmm - JCC might also appreciate Frosty Paws.

    Did your girls eat the bananas? Mine act like they're way too messy - more wiping and swiping than consuming lol.

  12. Hey - here's another idea for frozen bananas. First you peel them (when they get too brown). THEN you put them in a baggie in the freezer. Finally - the best part - you pop them in the blender with a little bit of milk and some coconut ... Voila! You have a delicious thick banana/coconut milkshake. Love them!

  13. Do the donkeys like bananas?

  14. Chicken pants!!! And you really should learn to make banana bread. It's one of the all-time most delectable things that come out of an oven. I have a most outstanding recipe and ancient once-frozen bananas work just fine. Email me if you'd like the recipe!

  15. An American in Tokyo9/7/14, 6:14 PM

    Your girls didn't eat the bananas?! Surprising!
    I love that last shot by the way, it's so cute!

    No banana mash for Hank?