Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rainy days and Wednesdays always get me down

Not really, but I couldn't think of another title for this post. 
Yesterday brought one of those rare all-day rains to New Mexico. 

I could not let it stop me from venturing out to remove Lucy's grazing muzzle at the appointed times.
She grazes with a vengeance once it's removed.

These plaintive looks are killing me.

The only reason I'm looking forward to winter is so that the grass will die 
and I can remove these muzzles permanently.

Me: It's bad enough I have to scratch your butt when it's clean. You're asking alot here.
George: I'm wearing a grazing muzzle. You owe me.

Me: Were you planning on coming outside sometime today?

Johnny: I'm thinking about it.

He did a few stretches...

...then got a drink of water and went right back to bed.
I think I'll be a cat in my next life.


  1. They all have such good attitudes, it must be the mud. I guess rodents don't come out on rainy days and Johnny gets to catch up on his beauty rest.

  2. we had a rare day of rain to. 8 hours straight, north and east of us flooded but we did not... very rare in Florida for rain to last more than an hour. the cool temps were worth the rain...

  3. I think you must be getting the same rain system (fallout from Hurricane Odile) that we are. We got 4 inches over night and are expecting more in the next few days.

  4. long long gorgeous Johnny, it is always a pleasure to see you

  5. I bet the herd are blissed out by all the green yummies on the menu. Johnny has the right idea though. Rainy days are perfect for *ahem* cat naps.

  6. Johnny so expressive and happy. Lucy loves her muzzle free time the best.

  7. I've been busy and not been checking in on blogs but I had to see how Johnny was going. Napping and enjoying his life, like he should be.


  8. Your critters always look so happy and content! I may not check everyday but every day I check I leave with the biggest smile! Thank you!

  9. Our weed is also growing increasingly green. The downside are only the cold nights, grazing can not let untill the sun melted the area.

  10. An American in Tokyo9/21/14, 6:22 PM

    Oh, Alan's look on his face! "Poor me, poor me..."
    I don't think I could stand it either!