Monday, September 15, 2014

Friends in tall places

This post is not about pie. I will save the conclusion to that story for tomorrow, 
as it requires more words than I am capable of writing now, as Sunday was not a day of rest.

How many people does it take to replace a noisy garage door opener on its last legs? 

Three, and it helps if one is very tall. 

Danni, Tall Paul, and I make quite a team. 
Perhaps we should go on the road as some sort of pie-baking, d-i-y act.

Despite my trepidation, the garage did not blow up when I pressed the new button,
and I now have a blissfully silent garage door opener. 

But we weren't done yet. The next tall order of the day was nest-proofing a downspout on the barn. 

What a beautiful afternoon to climb up to the roof. Tall Paul covered the favorite nesting spot 
with hardware cloth, thereby solving the drainage issues plaguing the back of the barn.

George and Alan were very concerned about Tall Paul's welfare up there on the ladder...

...but forgot all about him once Danni showed up to scratch their butts.

With that project checked off the list, there was one left: 
straighten the twisted beam on the front porch.

Using nothing but brute strength, Tall Powerful Paul twisted that beam right back in place.
Ok, so maybe there were some support boards and a hydraulic bottle jack involved as well, but still.
Check out those muscles! And all this from a man who can flip stuff in a skillet and make a flaky pie crust, too.

I got to play with the drill for awhile, then handled the last important project of the day: 
making all of us some well-earned margaritas.


  1. Men can be very handy accessories around the house. Occasionally. If you go on the road, who will keep us updated on the pasture activities?

  2. I can't help but admire that nicely realigned beam on that front porch.

  3. My darling husband can carry three children at once AND reach things on high shelves! I highly recommend a man who wants to help and try desperately to manage my OCD when he does...

  4. margarita pictures??? Yes, men do come in handy sometimes. Almost enough to keep them around...

  5. it makes life so much better when friends that visit area also handy persons.....

  6. Margaritas, projects, muscles and more margaritas, and pie?! I'd be in heaven and probably sleeping it off somewhere....

  7. It always helps to have the right tool on hand for any job ... in this case, a strong, tall friend!

    Glad to see that the grazing muzzles are still in good condition. (famous last words?)

  8. Nice to have a man around the house who can fix things, Sigh! I bet he can make a mean omelette with those fresh eggs too. You will miss them when they are gone. I will too. Great photos, Carson and regards to Dani. SP

    1. all did need to work off the pie calories! Awesome friends that help out! Good to ply them with cocktails so they don't really remember the work.
      Can't wait to hear about the pie competition.
      Lisa G in TN

  9. Good friends, indeed. Can't wait to hear how you divided up first prize between you at PieTown. Jean

  10. What a fine set of house guests you have! :)

  11. Hey, is he available for hire? Could use one like him around here! Wherever you find your friends, Linda, I have to go there.

  12. Tall powerful handsome Paul.

  13. Tall guests are my favourite kind! (says this 5'1" shorty).

  14. An American in Tokyo9/15/14, 7:12 PM

    So nice of your guests to help with your more difficult chores!
    I hope the margaritas were the best part of your day! ;)

  15. I have a question: why do George and Alan have grazing muzzles? I got a bit frightened thinking maybe they've gotten a bit "mouthy" from the peanut gallery on how to fix things around the ranch?