Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Breakfast by foglight

I had just removed Lucy's grazing muzzle so she could eat breakfast.
Trying to capture a beautiful portrait of her in the ethereal fog light would be pointless.
My only hope was for a beautiful picture of her eating.

The girl can graze and walk at the same time. So can I, now that I think about it, 
but I would have the decency to stop chewing in the presence of a camera.

 Lucy: I'm not eating. I've simply stopped to smell the flowers.
Me: Yeah, right.

 I got my wish...a beautiful picture of Lucy eating.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor fog of morning...

...stays this donkey from the swift completion of her breakfast. 


  1. You got some pretty good "ethereal" photos too.

  2. I never think of Lucy as being overweight, but she looks positively svelte in these photos!

  3. Those pictures are gorgeous! They sure don't look like you are in the middle of the desert.

  4. She's serious. Why is it that all equines who are prone to founder are such voracious eaters?

  5. You've really shown off her dapples. She's a beauty.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Fog? OMG. I wish. We have hazy disgusting air right now due to the King Fire. 89 thousand acres up in smoke. So sad.
    Perhaps the 60 % chance of rain will help, come Thursday. Happy Tuesday.

  7. Beautiful. Around here we say fog in August means snow in January. But we have had more September fog than in August and I have no clue what that means. Love that you have captured all the proof of this year's bounty.

  8. I'll say it again I Love Lucy! And I Love your blog!

  9. Beautiful images :) Thanks so much for sharing your slice of heaven with us :)