Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday leftovers

Smooch has been on house arrest since the broken dew claw/vet visit on Wednesday. 
No walks, no digging, no fun.
Smooch: Do you feel sorry for me?

Smooch: How about now?

JohnnyCashCat is totally taking advantage of the situation, roaming wherever he damned well pleases
knowing Smooch isn't out and about.

Johnny: You need to mow. The people at home can barely see me.

He's even been so bold as to hang out in Smooch's yard...

...not that you could see him if you wanted to. I need to mow.

So mow I did, with the weed whacker, the tree trimmers, the pruning saw, and everything else I could find
to tame the jungle. It's a work in progress, but Smooch and Johnny are no longer in danger of being lost in the weeds.

Meanwhile, out in the pasture, the grass keeps growing.

Hank grazes non-stop, but Alan and George seem to be pacing themselves,

unlike Lucy, who exhibits no self-control, so the grazing muzzle went on this week.
She is not pleased.


  1. Poor girl. NOT the fun fashion accessory.

  2. Michelle from Vancouver8/17/14, 7:06 AM

    Oh poor Lucy, she looks so sad :(

  3. Poor Lucy, she is bored so she eats too much and then she is punished, maybe she needs a young companion?

  4. I feel your pain Lucy.

  5. Ou poor Lucy, I think that I would have the same feeling when everybody eats chocolate when I`ve been on dentist and can`t eat anything in two ours.

  6. Smooch's yard looks much better. Never seen a donkey use the puppy dog eyes look before...poor little Lucy!

  7. Figured it was time for Lucy's muzzle. That shot of Alan is so classic. Love it. Poor Smooch. Bad when the cat makes faces at you through the window too.

  8. Poor Lucv, she must have about as much self control as I do. Do they make those things for women that wants to graze all the time?

  9. Reminds me of my retainer in high school...poor Lucy!

  10. Lucy looks so silly! Glad Johnny Cat got to roam around your yard, at least for a while. I'm feeding a feral cat who moved in next door (she doesn't want her) especially since she now has 4 kittens! She greets me every morning demanding her breakfast!