Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday encore ~ Riding with turtles

By the time I unsaddled Lucy and made my way back to the pasture where we had last seen our two new friends, 
at least 15 minutes had elapsed. I was not optimistic. But then again, I was looking for turtles, not rabbits.

Me: Hello, my new friend! Welcome to the 7MSN!

Maybe I should name you Grumpy Turtle. 

Me: Don't be shy. I'll try to make you famous. 

Grumpy Turtle: Can I have my own Facebook page? 
Me: Sure. But you'd have to show up more than once a year to meet your adoring fans. 
Grumpy Turtle: Let me get back to you on that.

If you have no idea what this whole turtle fixation is about, 
click the word "turtles" under the "Looking for something?" column below to catch up.


  1. Grumpy turtle is beautiful.. well make that handsome... i love Alan's song and this just might be my most favorite of your videos. the gallop home was priceless in my book.

  2. Thank you for the video - I did not know that turtles could move so fast. I have only ever met the tiny turtles that used to be sold with a little lily pad bowl to house them in your home.

    Company tomorrow, nice to have the heads up.


  3. I loved having turtles as a kid. Such pretty eyes! Makes me want another one...(sigh)

  4. Totally off the turtle topic, but did you see the Bing picture today? It reminds me of Mr P. Has he been around lately?

    1. Thanks for the Bing tip - adorbs. Haven't seen Mr. P in a long time, darn it.

  5. This was fun, Carson! Naturalist Julie Zickefoose raised a hatchling box turtle she named Shelly. She released her and Shelly came around again about a year later. She loves hard boiled eggs and cantaloupe. Sounds good to me!