Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Is it or isn't it?

It's been about three and a half weeks since Junior moved out. When last photographed
he was with a buck and an older female, and I suspect he's been hanging out with them since, 
learning how to be a proper pronghorn. I may or may not have seen him in the intervening weeks –
they all sort of look alike and without photographic evidence to analyze, 
who knows if he was one of the passing pronghorns in the pasture?

We're always on the lookout for him, though, and Lucy is much better at spotting him than I.

From this distance, it's impossible to know for certain if this is Junior, but he didn't run away when I called his name. 
In fact, he stood there for a long time while I babbled on about how good it was to see him again.

He was by himself, as usual, and hanging out in his favorite spot, but he was also much bigger.
Could he have grown that much in three weeks? I have no idea.

He stopped to pee before leaving, so I want to believe he was telling all the other male pronghorns
that this land was his land and we belong to him and they should move on. 
But again, there's no way of knowing for sure.

Me: What do you think, George? Is that your friend Junior?

George: Hard to say. Take this muzzle off so he'll recognize me.
Me: Nice try.


  1. the proghorn is cute anyway and George is so witty!

  2. Look at that beautiful grass!

  3. I'm thinking it has to be Junior also. The way he stopped and listened to you while talking. Maybe your a pronghorn whispere?

  4. Cute post! What beautiful country - and critters. :-)

  5. Hope that it is the junior, meaning that he is bigger than last time you see him. I think that would be a good thing. Have to ask, ( I havent read this every day) that what about the mother, did she get well?

  6. It's likely he grew a great deal in 3 weeks, as you have such lush plant life because of the rain. Lots of sugars and carbs in all that green stuff.

  7. I want to believe too.

  8. Um, if he's squatting to pee...is junior maybe a girl? My boy sheep just stand normal to pee.

  9. I think it was Jr. Or I would like to think it was Jr. Your pictures are beautiful! That grass just kills me. So green and lush. Happy Tuesday.

  10. Sure it was Junior. After all, once he teamed up with some experienced pronghorns, he certainly learned how to find good eatin', thus growing faster. You know how human teens are always growing out of shoes and whatnot, he's probably in the same stage. Or so I choose to believe.

  11. Must have been him, they grow fast. Love the end there. As always. :D