Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy dog

After the seven longest days of Smooch's life, it was finally time to remove the bandage from her foot.
Who needs a cookie when there's a paw that hasn't been licked in a week?

Once Smooch finally cleaned off every bit of goo, adhesive and dirt...

...we resumed our daily walking schedule and life is good again.


  1. Sweet Smooch - so glad life is back to normal again!

  2. so happy for Smooch and for you that you are back to normal walking...

  3. Now, if you could just keep her from finding goat-heads with her feet, she'd be all good.
    I'm glad she's free of the darned tape and free from her boo-boo.

  4. Awwwww.... She deserves a Frosty Paws :)

  5. An American in Tokyo8/20/14, 6:28 PM

    Oh Smoochi-poo! Glad to hear that all is better!
    Please give her a hug from me! =)

  6. She is just so darn sweet!